2023 Unique Coastal Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Written by: Karen Marsh


Whether you're shopping for your beach-loving partner, friend, or family member, we've got you covered with unique, unforgettable coastal gift ideas that capture the spirit of the ocean.

Here are our top picks for coastal gifts that will make waves in 2023:

Stone Drink Dispenser: A Coastal Gift for Effortless Entertaining

This Stone Drink Dispenser is just what you need to keep the good times flowing. Made from gorgeous cobbled granite and featuring a beach stone handle for the tap, your buddies will love sipping their favorite drinks straight from the rock - it's a real conversation starter. 

If you're looking for a coastal gift that'll knock it out of the water for your ocean-loving, party-going bros, this beverage dispenser will make some serious waves at your next bash.

Personalized Unbreakable Drinkware: Raise A Glass to Worry-Free Outdoor Parties

It's time to take his summer sipping to the next level with these personalized unbreakable acrylic glasses. Whether he loves chilling on the beach or having an impromptu outdoor dinner party, these crystal-clear, shatter-resistant glasses do the job perfectly. 

And the best part? They're practically indestructible, so he can say goodbye to broken glass on his boat or patio. Customize them with the coordinates of his favorite location to make them truly his own - it's the perfect way to show off his love for all things coastal.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglasses: A Coastal Gift that Keeps On Giving

These Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunnies are a must-have for anyone who cares about ocean conservation. Not only are they stylish and functional, but they're also crafted from plastic found on beaches and in the ocean, so he can feel good knowing he’s making a positive impact. 

The high-quality polarized mirror lenses offer scratch-resistant protection with 100% UV protection for his days on the water. Plus, they're super lightweight and incredibly durable.

Nautical Signal Flags: Send A Message from The Sea

Another coastal gift that'll make a splash with your seafaring buddies are these colorful nautical flags - you can spell out anything from his name to his favorite phrase. How cool is that? 

These maritime signal flags feature wooden toggle buttons and cordage loops, making it super easy to string them together and create your own custom message. So if you're looking for a coastal gift that's as unique as it is fun, these nautical flags are the way to go.

Shark Off Bracelet, Proven Shark Repellent: The Coastal Gift to Stay Safe in Style

This beach accessory is the perfect gift for any woman who loves the ocean. The Shark Off Bracelet’s patented technology sends a signal that sharks can sense, but you can't feel, making them swim away from you. 

So whether she's a seasoned surfer or just loves to soak up the sun on the beach, the Shark Off Bracelet is the perfect coastal gift to keep her safe and protected in the water.

Personalized Stemless Wine Tumbler: A Coastal Gift for Sipping by the Beach

For a coastal gift that'll keep your favorite females sipping in style, look no further than these awesome Polar Camel Stemless Wine Tumblers. Whether she's a hot coffee kind of gal or prefers her wine on ice, these tumblers have got you covered. 

Customize them with her favorite nautical design and the latitude and longitude of any location in the world. Talk about a personalized coastal gift that's as unique as she is!

Lobster Rope Baskets: The Ultimate Coastal Gift for Beachy Home Vibes

Ready to add a pop of color and some coastal charm to her space? These tough, trendy Lobster Rope Baskets are just what she needs in her beach cottage. Made from a long-lasting polypropylene blend, they come in eye-catching color combos that are sure to impress her guests. 

They're versatile enough to be used as storage or planters, bringing a touch of the beach to any room in the home. 

TIP: This coastal gift pairs perfectly with our cheery Lobster Rope Doormats.

Recycled Sail Bag in Pink Starfish for Boaters and Adventurers

Handcrafted in Maine using recycled sailcloth that's been all around the world, this is truly a one-of-a-kind tote bag. With its water-resistant bottom, rust-resistant zipper top, and roomy interior, it's the perfect choice for a day out on the boat, a beach trip, or even just running errands. 

And don't forget the cute pink starfish summer print, which adds a touch of whimsy to this versatile tote. It makes the perfect gift for any ocean lover who's always on the go. 

Bonus: This coastal gift comes in other designs too, like this rugged duffel bag that's perfect for him!

We hope you found some inspiration for your next gift-giving occasion. These coastal gift ideas are perfect for any celebration, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because. 

If you want to see more of our unique coastal gifts, check out our full collection here.

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