Why Soy Candles?

Soy candles are often chosen as a cleaner alternative to paraffin wax candles. Paraffin is a major ingredient in most conventional candles, but is often reported to produce a black, toxic soot.

• Soy wax candles do not produce this dark soot.

• Soy is a renewable, biodegradable resource, unlike paraffin, which consists of petroleum.

• Soy candles burn crisp and clean with a natural glow.

• Soy candles burn longer than paraffin candles, with proper wick trimming.

With just a few common sense guidelines, you can enjoy the warm glow and scent of candles in your home.

• For the longest lasting burn times, always trim your wick ¼” before lighting.

• Be sure to place candle ONLY on a heat resistant surface. Candle jar can get hot.

• Do keep the wax pool free from any debris, such as matches or wick trimmings.

• ALWAYS keep the candle away from drafts, vents, fans, and other air currents and be sure it is not close to any flammable material (such as curtains).

• Never burn a candle all the way down. Always extinguish the flame if it comes too close to the jar. A good rule of thumb is to discontinue burning when 10% of wax is left.

• Never touch a burning candle flame or the hot wax. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Be sure to always extinguish all candles before leaving a room or going to sleep. Always check to ensure the wick ember is no longer glowing.

• The safest way to prevent wax from spattering is to use a candle snuffer when extinguishing it.

• Never use water, which can cause the glass container to burst.

• All of our candles are made in the USA.

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