Wicked Good Lobster Rope Basket Baskets Wicked Good Baskets Solid Navy  Wicked Good Lobster Rope Basket
Wicked Good Lobster Rope Basket
Our exclusive Wicked Good Doormats® lobster rope is handwoven into a matching basket you'll use every day, year-round. Handwoven from super tough new polysteel lobster rope in a variety of cheery colors, which is even stronger than regular polypropylene lobster rope, these nautical rope baskets are perfect as a planter, caddy, magazine holder or shelf accent. Use a Lobster Rope Basket on picnics, at the beach, or for boat keys - the creative ideas are endless. Water, mildew, and mold resistant. Designed to withstand tough weather. Measures 12" x 8". Each Lobster Rope Basket includes a sturdy chipboard base. Made in Maine. Discover 25 Ways To Use a Lobster Rope Basket
Lobster Rope Basket, Oversized 18 x 13 Lobster Rope Basket, Oversized 18 x 13, In the Front Door With Mums
Lobster Rope Basket, Oversized 18 x 13
Transform your front porch into a coastal haven that will impress your guests and make you smile every time you come home! Our Oversized Lobster Rope Basket is handwoven from our own long-lasting exclusive lobster rope in a variety of cheery colors. Even stronger than regular polypropylene rope, our lobster rope will last for years. Each basket includes a sturdy circular base, and our extra firm rope means your basket will keep its shape. Perfect for front porch decor, indoor storage for blankets or towels, or as a planter for larger plants or trees. Pair our Oversized Lobster Rope Basket with our regular-sized Lobster Rope Basket, which can also be coordinated with your Lobster Rope Doormat for an instant front porch makeover! These beautifully handwoven baskets are built to last for years, can withstand tough weather and they're mildew and mold-resistant - no matter how many times they get wet. The secret? They are fast-drying with up to 6x added UV resistance, over the industry standard for lobster rope. Measures 18" x 13". They're eco-friendly and made in Maine, so you'll be supporting sustainable craftsmanship. With limited stocks available, now's the time to give your space a coastal charm and create a home that genuinely expresses your love for the sea with our Oversized Lobster Rope Basket. Grab yours now before they run out of stock!

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