Nautical Flags, A-Z, 0-9, Maritime Signal Flags Decor New England Trading Co   Nautical Flags, A-Z, 0-9, Maritime Signal Flags Decor New England Trading Co
Nautical Alphabet Flags, A-Z and 0-9 Nautical Flag Letters
Nautical alphabet flags are the maritime way to spell out your name, a special date, favorite phrase, or even your latitude/longitude. Maritime signal flag letters were used for ships to communicate to other ships, or to shore.  A series of nautical alphabet flags can spell out a message, each flag representing a letter. Each poly-blend 10" x 15" nautical letter flag is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Makes a perfect flag letter for boats. Features a high quality double stitch construction, plus wooden toggle buttons and cordage loop to make it easy to string together and hang your creation. To spell out your latitude/longitude select the "L" signal flag for Latitude and follow it with 2 digits for the degrees (you can also add 2 more digits to denote minutes). Select the "G" signal flag for Longitude and follow it with 2-3 digits to denote degree, with the optional last 2 digits denoting minutes. Need a spacer for spelling out multiple words with your signal flags? Our Spacer Cordage matches these nautical signal flags.Looking for signal flag decor inspiration? Here's everything you need to know about decorating your home with maritime flags. Buy 3 or more and get FREE Shipping. If buying 3 or more different signal flags, add each to cart separately and free shipping will still apply. From a Newport, RI studio using imported materials.
Stone Drink Dispenser, Granite & Stainless Steel, for Wine & Spirits Barware Funky Rock Designs No Riser  Stone Drink Dispenser, Granite & Stainless Steel, for Wine & Spirits Barware Funky Rock Designs
Stone Drink Dispenser, Granite Wine Rock Dispenser
from $145.00
Introducing the exquisite Granite Stone Drink Dispenser, a masterpiece crafted to elevate your entertaining experience! The luxurious and durable stone drink dispenser exudes timeless elegance, making it the perfect centerpiece for any occasion. Each stone dispenser fits a .750 or 1.5ml bottle of wine or spirits and pours it effortlessly from a leakproof stainless steel spigot. Stone Drink Dispenser Features 100% Granite Base with Naturally Tumbled Beach Stone Handle Handmade by a small artisan shop in Maine, each granite stone wine dispenser is crafted using rough-hewn, cobbled granite for the base and a naturally tumbled beach stone handle for the tap. Each stone varies and is one of a kind.   "We love it! It was a gift for my husband's bar at our home. It is beautiful and works just as said. It's also a great conversational piece. My first time ordering from here but won't be my last!" -Mary NEW! Stone Drink Dispenser Accessories  Add optional height to the stone drink dispenser with a solid 4" x 4" granite stone riser or a 6" granite & stainless steel riser. While the stone wine dispenser works beautifully on its own, these optional stands allow you to use the dispenser away from the bar/counter edge. Plus, the new Stone Drink Dispenser Stopper Accessory, makes it even easier to add a new bottle. Used like a normal bottle stopper, it allows the bottle to be inserted upside down. When you are ready to use it simply tug on the stopper's attached cord to dislodge it and let the good times flow. You're ready to go! See video below for more information. The Stone Drink Dispenser is a great party animal but not intended for long-term open bottle storage as granite is naturally porous. Be sure to use the stopper if you intend to store open bottles on it. How to add a bottle to your Stone Drink Dispenser  There are 2 ways to add the bottle: you can turn the stone drink dispenser upside down and screw it onto the top of the bottle or you can use the new Stone Drink Dispenser Stopper Accessory (see video below).  Easy to clean: with valve open, place in sink and run hot soapy water though dispenser. Rinse thoroughly. Not for use with carbonated beverages or long-term storage. Artisan made in Maine. 
Latitude & Longitude Glasses, Double Old Fashioned, Set of 6 Drinkware Sets Nautical Living
Latitude & Longitude Glasses, Double Old Fashioned, Set of 6
A unique housewarming gift, a classic bar gift, or mark your favorite place in the world with these customized old-fashioned glasses. A unique gift idea for that man or woman who has it all! These specially customized glasses capture the exact GPS coordinates of your chosen location. Simply enter the address and let us do the rest! Each glass is made in the USA and is of the highest quality personalized drinkware available. Features a classic silhouette with unmatched clarity. Personalized glassware with heirloom quality makes a unique and lasting gift. 14 oz glasses with set of 6. Matching pitchers are also available. Dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.
Latitude & Longitude Polar Camel Stemless Wine Tumbler Tumblers New England Trading Co   Latitude & Longitude Polar Camel Stemless Wine Tumbler Tumblers New England Trading Co
Latitude & Longitude Polar Camel Stemless Wine Tumbler
from $19.95
Soon to be your favorite tumbler! Hot or cold, it doesn't matter. Make it uniquely yours; these high endurance polar tumblers are precision engraved with your choice of nautical design, plus the latitude and longitude of any location in the world. Mark a special place or memory. Each tumbler is made of stainless steel with a powder coated exterior in your choice of colors. Engineered with double-wall vacuum-insulated construction, they provide 2x the head and cold resistance compared to other tumblers. They will keep you coffee hot and your wine cold - whatever your preference. Choose from the standard 12 oz. or oversized 16 oz. for those who like to carry a lot of beverage. A retractable clear lid keeps the liquid in the cup.  The 12 oz. measures 3.5” x 4 ⅜ x 3.5, and the 16 oz. is 3.5” x 5.75 x 3.5. Designed & engraved in the USA.  
Latitude & Longitude GPS Coordinate + Address, Old Fashioned Glasses, Unbreakable Acrylic Drinkware Sets Nautical Living
Latitude & Longitude GPS Coordinate + Address, Old Fashioned Glasses, Unbreakable Acrylic
New and boater-approved! Outdoor-friendly high-grade acrylic glasses are shatter and impact-resistant. Perfect for outdoor dining, outdoor bars, and sipping on the beach. They look and feel like glass - until you drop one! Crystal-clear engineering means your glasses will retain the original luster and gloss, even after repeated dishwashing. Safe to use – it’s BPA-free. You get the best of both worlds: stunning, clear drinkware with the durability of acrylic.  Personalized with laser precision and detailGive us the address and we'll do the rest. These custom-engraved double old-fashioned glasses feature the latitude & longitude GPS coordinates for the address of your choice. We'll include the city, state, and street address below the coordinates - or provide us with a vanity address for those lines instead. A great gift to mark a new home, cottage, lake house, or even boat (idea: pick a favorite waterway for the address). Each acrylic glass is precision-engraved for a crisp, clean finish.  Space-saving stackable drinkwareThese stylish tumblers easily stack but won’t stick together and resist water pooling at the bottom. They’re your new go-to unbreakable drinking glasses. 14 oz. each. Made in USAUnbreakable drinkware is made in the USA and custom engraved in Vermont. It's the best acrylic glass you can find! Set of 4. Additional care instructions: for best results, wash by hand with a soft cloth and gentle detergent. Do not use abrasives or brushes. If you would like to wash in the dishwasher please be sure to place on the top rack and use normal or low settings. As with all acrylic and plastic, avoid higher temperature settings such as “heavy duty”, “pots and pans”, or “steam clean” as these tend to reach temperatures greater than 140 degrees – no acrylic can sustain temperatures that high – and turn off any heated dry settings. Avoid jet dry and rinse agents. Some dishwashers (EnergyStar, Bosch, Meile, Thermador, & Viking) offer a “steam clean” cycle that you want to avoid. Enjoy! Designed exclusively by The New England Trading Company. All rights reserved. 
Nautical Signal Flag Canvas Wraps Posters, Prints, & Visual Artwork New England Trading Co 12 Nautical Signal Flag Canvas Wraps Posters, Prints, & Visual Artwork New England Trading Co
Nautical Signal Flag Canvas Wraps
from $39.00
Vibrantly printed on artist-grade canvas and stretched onto hard, high-density wood these nautical signal flags provide a pop of color in your office, living room, dining room and more. Maritime signal flags were used for ships to communicate to other ships, or to shore before 2-way radios. Spell out your name, favorite phrase, or just mix and match the flags you like the best. Some of our favorite uses: Pair 2 rows for a vibrant "headboard" When you need a splash of color to complete a bookshelf, 1 or 2 together always do the trick Monograms in kid's rooms Over an entry way - spell our your last name For that odd shaped wall or to accent a lone piece of furniture. These colorful canvases always draw in the eye. Add a coastal color accent to your all-white kitchen Great for small powder rooms Feature a scratch-resistant UV coating and high-quality acid-free ink. Available in two sizes: 12" x 12" and 16"x 16" with frame thickness of 1.25". Materials include poly-cotton blend canvas, hard wood fiberboard, and plastic frame. Clean with a damp cloth or gently vacuum to remove dust. Made to order - ships in 7 business days.
-15% sale
Shark Off Bracelet, Proven Shark Repellent Bracelets New England Trading Co   Shark Off Bracelet, Proven Shark Repellent Bracelets New England Trading Co
Shark Off Bracelet, Proven Shark Repellent
$33.96 $39.95
Non-magnetic, not battery-operated, does not require charging, and one size fits all - even kids. The world's first proven shark repellent jewelry means you can lose your fear and love the ocean again! How does this proven and patented technology work? Sharks can feel the smallest amount of electrical impulses - and they don't like them. Shark Off bracelet's patented active element gives off just enough voltage to make a shark jerk away, even though it is imperceptible to us. The proprietary alloy that makes up the active element emits an electric field in water of about 1.5 volts - which is billions of times stronger than what a shark's sensors (called ampullae) can feel.  You don't feel  a thing but sharks sense it and it repels them.  This research has been used to reduce shark bycatch in commercial fishing. Now as a wearable bracelet it is a deterrent to human interaction. How do you wear Shark Off?If you have one bracelet, wear it on your ankle since the majority of shark bites occur in lower extremities. If you have two then wear the other one on your opposite wrist.  How do you care for Shark Off?The bracelet's active elements dissolve slowly in water. After a day at the beach rinse the salt water off your bracelet. Or. even better, wear your beachy style Shark Off all the time if you want - in the shower or while washing your hands.  If you want to take it off, just rinse it and store where it can dry out (not in a plastic bag) Does Shark Off really work?Yes - while sharks can smell blood in the water for miles they can also pick up 5/1,000,000,000ths of a volt. This sense is so fine that sharks can detect the heartbeat of another fish. Shark OFF turns those senses against the shark and over stimulates them.  The patented active element in Shark OFF emits 1.5 volts - billions of times stronger than the shark can feel already. The effect on sharks is amazing, but you won't feel a thing. OF COURSE, the best way to avoid a shark bite is to calmly and immediately get out of the water if you see one. That's the only way to GUARANTEE you won't get bitten. Does Shark OFF hurt sharks?No. While the patented technology is enough to make the shark jerk away it does not harm them and is imperceptible to us. Get your ready-to-wear shark repellent bracelet today and enjoy the ocean again!
-19% sale
Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglasses Sunglasses New England Trading Co   Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglasses Sunglasses New England Trading Co
Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglasses
$30.00 $36.94
Be a part of the solution! These Recycled Ocean Plastic "Sunnies" are crafted from plastic found on beaches and in the ocean. They make a special gift for anyone who cares about ocean conservation. The high-quality polarized mirror lenses are scratch-resistant lenses with 100% UV protection for your days on the water. Sunglasses are super lightweight and feature a patented screw-less construction making them extra durable and impact-resistant. By creating a market for recycled ocean plastic we can accelerate pollution removal and help protect marine life. Animals easily mistake plastic waste for food from sea birds, to turtles, fish and whales. We all can do something about it by spreading the word through the products we use!   
Wooden Salad Chopping Bowl & Mezzaluna, 15 Wooden Salad Chopping Bowl & Mezzaluna, 15
Wooden Salad Chopping Bowl & Mezzaluna, 15", New Upgraded Chef's Mezzaluna
Chopped salad just got a whole lot easier. This top-of-the-line 15" wooden hardwood bowl is the ultimate surface to handle the blade of our new upgraded Chef's Mezzaluna. Selected for their outstanding quality, craftsmanship, and durability this wood chop bowl + mezzaluna makes the perfect team for delicious, quick chopped salads. Toss in a full head of romaine, an onion, salami, pepperoni, green pepper - you name it! Arrives with a complimentary flour sack kitchen towel - a perfect wedding or housewarming gift. Handturned #1 Quality Hardwood Bowl Each bowl is crafted by American artisans from a single piece of sustainably harvested North American hardwood. That means there are no glues and fillers - just 100% pure, gorgeous wood. Carefully inspected, each is free of defects or knots, earning #1 quality ratings. The bowls are hand-sanded and then rubbed with organic beeswax and mineral oil so they arrive ready and seasoned for first use. No stains or glazes are ever used so the beauty and sheen of the bowl is all-natural. Bowl measures 15" x 4.5" deep. Wood bowl is handmade in the USA. Mezzaluna is imported. NEW! Upgraded Chef's Mezzaluna Chopper with Super Sharp Stainless Steel Blade We upgraded our mezzaluna to this professional stainless steel chopper with a comfort grip rubber handle that is easier to hold and use. The attractive blade features a curved edge that fits perfectly into the curves of your bowl. Its sharp blade makes quick work for busy chefs and will easily slice through your salad ingredients.  How to Care For Your Wood Bowl American Farmhouse Bowls come with a Lifetime Guarantee and stay in tip top shape with a little TLC. After each use wash them by hand with warm sudsy water from a mild detergent. Do not place in dishwasher. It is best to avoid letting any premium woodenware sit in water for too long - because wood is porous water can seep in and cause cracks. After washing simply towel dry. About once a month, or more for drier climates, give your bowl a good rubbing of a food safe mineral oil. We recommend our Wood Bowl and Board Preserver.  Shop all Wooden Salad Bowls.
-21% sale
Framed Nautical Flags, A-Z New England Trading Co Decor A Framed Nautical Flags, A-Z New England Trading Co Decor B
Framed Nautical Flags, A-Z
$99.00 $125.00
Add a touch of nautical flair to your seaside sanctuary with our Framed Nautical Flags, A - Z! From your name initials to your favorite word or phrase, our collection has the entire alphabet for you to choose from! These elegant nautical frames, from A to Z, with each one telling its unique maritime story, will make you smile as you think of those adventures in the ocean. Each framed nautical flag is 18" wide x 21" high x 1" thick. Made from high quality, simple frame construction, and hooks to make it easy for you to hang and decorate on your walls. Hanging this frame will make you feel wonderful and even catch your visitor's attention.Grab your nautical frame now and give your space a coastal elegance today!

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