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We’re proud of our artisans and all the handcrafted products they create that make our lives happier and more joyful. We are also proud of the fact that all our products at The New England Trading Company, Ltd. are Made in USA. We spread the word about our products through emails, Facebook, and Twitter.

We know that our customers always love hearing outside views on the great products we carry as well. We welcome bloggers to try our products and write about them through our blogger review program.

Since our products cover such a broad range, we welcome all bloggers, whether your specialty is eco-friendliness, home décor and style, unique gifts, or if you’re a foodie! We are happy to send you a product sample with our compliments. We simply ask that you share your review of our product on your blog.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ’s below or send us an email at


What qualities are you looking for in bloggers to review your products?

What qualities are you looking for in bloggers to review your products? It's your blog, do what you do best! We love bloggers who conduct thoughtful product reviews and have a nice following to share them with. We're happy to provide images, but we love it when bloggers take original photos.

Do I choose what product to review? Or, do you choose it? Feel free to let us know what product your interested in! We're happy to make suggestions if you like.

Do you limit the value of the product I can review? We don't have any preset limits...we decide on each one depending on the blogger and the product requested. 


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