Top Beachy Front Door Colors We Love

Written by: Karen Marsh


We spend a lot of time looking at front doors.


We’re always looking for new inspiration for our Lobster Rope Doormats!

Here are the best beach house front doors colors we’ve seen recently that would look amazing on any coastal home:

Sopo Cottage's Beachy Makeover

An exciting tone of aquatic blue-green that looks right at home on a beachfront house, this bright teal front door is so full of life. Paired with a gorgeous teal Lobster Rope Doormat, blue flowers, and wooden buoys it makes every day feel like a vacation.

Lolly Jane's Coral Painted Front Door

A nostalgic color that takes its inspiration from under the sea, this charming dose of coral paint paired with a personalized sign plus fresh greenery adds loads of personality to the front porch. From fun and playful to tasteful and elegant, this coral front door strikes the perfect balance.

We love to pair our bright and sunny teal and yellow Lobster Rope Doormats with a coral door - this outdoor front door mat is a fresh burst of coastal colors.

Jo's Home Sweet Home Makeover Series

Adding a nice sophisticated depth to the entrance, this seaworthy coastal blue offers a cool, welcoming vibe. Wooden furnishings and other natural materials lend plenty of charming contrast. This polished coastal front door color pairs well with a home that loves the seaside lifestyle.

What a gorgeous idea to pair vibrant blue front doors with a sand-colored front door mat - our Solid Dark Tan Lobster Rope Doormat is sure to warmly welcome your guests! 

Shore Society's Front Porch Makeover

A cheerful light mint beachy front door color makes a chic statement when paired with the neutrals of this charming home. We love how much this soft color freshens up the front door and makes the house feel calming and comfortable. Evoking the tranquility of the beach, this relaxing airy aqua creates a seaside-worthy vibe in any space.

Styling your coastal front door with a light teal paint paired with a Lobster Rope Doormat in an array of fun, beachy striped colors can totally transform your entrance.

Sara's Pink Front Door and Pineapple Decor

Bright and beautiful, this pink front door color can quickly boost anyone’s mood. Setting the scene for a tropical vacation, it easily shouts summer and brightens up its surroundings. For beach homes whose natural backdrop is the perfectly blue-green water (or just about any front entry that needs a pop of color), this shade of pink on your coastal front door is one picturesque sight to see.

An unexpected pop of pink gives the home an inviting charm; pair with a teal outdoor mat to bring life to your front porch and tie them all together with gorgeous blooms to create the ultimate beach house door.

Addison's Wonderland: Huge Front Porch Refresh

An easy, breezy pastel blue softened with a note of gray, this muted front door color adds a fresh, cheerful note to any front porch.

The best outdoor front door mats can energize your entrance or can play it cool with an effortlessly chic, polished look. Fresh and calming, pastel blue can be livened up with a rainbow color-striped Lobster Rope Doormat or can look elegant with a  silver and dark tan front door mat.

The Wicker House: Outdoor Spaces Tour

This teal front door color is the perfect pop to cheer up the home. Paired beautifully with a lavender summer wreath and fresh greenery, everything comes together elegantly without overwhelming the home’s front porch.

We love how teal doors easily boost your curb appeal, especially when paired with a navy and cream outdoor front door mat, like thisLobster Rope Doormat that features a double weave of navy and dark tan.

Castles, Crowns and Cottages' A Midsummer Day's Dream

Bringing a beachy appeal to the front door, this breathtaking aqua blue is an uplifting paint choice that we found easy to love. A perfect balance between blue and green, this surprisingly versatile coastal front door color is definitely vibrant and cheerful as it is soft and soothing.

Capture the gorgeous contrast of an aqua blue door with bold colors, like a bright navy and orange beach front door mat or this super versatile navy and silver outdoor mat, and leave a vibrant first impression.

Melissa Jill's Front Porch Shoot

Go all-in on fun with this bold, bright coral front door that surely delivers tropical vibes as well as a touch of timelessness to the home. While it’s brighter than average front door colors, this friendly and inviting coral paint has a nice sophisticated touch to it. If coastal charm is what you’re seeking in your space, coral beachy front doors are sure to deliver it.

Coral brings loads of energy to your coastal front door, and pairing it with neutrals, blues, or greens can create a welcoming front doorscape. We know the Wicked Good Nautical Rope Doormat in Teal, Navy, Seafoam is a lovely choice!

On Sutton Place's Navy Blue Front Door and Summer Planters

A gorgeous shade of blue to make an entrance stand out, this navy blue front door offers a distinctly nautical theme. We love this deep blue color that’s sure to stand the test of time- when paired with a pretty wreath and large container plants, it all creates a welcoming front door area.

Plenty of outdoor front door mat colors, like bright yellow, pink, and red, work beautifully with navy blue, offering an alluring coastal color combo. This beachy stripe-colored Lobster Rope Doormat works wonders for us in creating a spot-on beach-inspired front porch.

Janna’s Laid-back Farmhouse Style

This green Dutch door easily captures that beachy, laid-back vibe, while the daisies and greenery add a touch of natural beauty that goes perfectly with the coastal aesthetic.

A navy, green, seafoam nautical rope doormat makes a fantastic matching statement for this refreshing door color, while a solid dark tan outdoor mat creates a clean, refined look.

Krista's Lake House Summer Door

Flanked by lush potted plants and adorned with a greenery wreath and a charming blue wooden oar, this entrance is oozing with summer cottage charm. The pastel blue front door color lends an air of chic coastal elegance. 

Pairing it with a silver and dark tan front door mat creates a sophisticated look, while a multi-striped outdoor mat in beachy colors adds a vibrant touch that matches the feel-good vibes of this entrance.

Nesting with Grace: Navy Summer Front Door

A nautical navy front door that evokes the serenity of the sea, this door fits perfectly for any seaside cottage. Planters add a lively touch and, instead of a traditional wreath, a rattan basket hangs from the pineapple knocker - completing the perfect summer-inspired vibe.

We'd love to pair this front door with a gorgeous navy and teal double weave front door mat to create a classic coastal chic look. For a bold statement, a navy, orange, and silver nautical rope doormat adds a pop of unexpected color.

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs: Yellow Front Door Makeover

With a sunny yellow front door, matching yellow and white flowers in hanging baskets, and a pretty dried lavender wreath, everything comes together for a fresh, inviting entrance that's perfect for coastal homes. 

A teal, yellow, seafoam Lobster Rope Doormat creates a striking combo with this door color for a truly eye-catching front door.

Whether you're going for lively hues or calm sophistication, these beachy front door colors pair beautifully with nautical Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats.

For more tips on buying the perfect front door mat for your home, check out our Outdoor Doormat Buying Guide here.

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