12 Coastal Cocktails to Serve This Summer

Written by: Karen Marsh


We've found the most tantalizing, seaworthy sips for you to enjoy the next time you lounge by the water or entertain outside. 

These irresistible coastal cocktails are just perfect for celebrating the summer season!

1. Fish House Punch

Serve this delicious punch at your next outdoor soiree for a guaranteed hit. It’s a blend of fresh lemon juice, Jamaican rum, and peach brandy served over a large block of ice. You can control it's strength by adding black tea or seltzer water.

Fish House Punch, Coastal Cocktails

2. The Old Man and The Sea Coastal Cocktail

A twist on the classic Hemingway Daiquiri, celebrate the warm weather with this rum-based drink that refreshingly blends coconut water and a pinch of sea salt for that instant tropical toast.

The Old Man and The Sea Cocktail, Coastal Cocktails
Imbibe Magazine​​

3. Pearl Julep Cocktail

This oyster-inspired cocktail is a classic Julep with a bit of salty brine. Perfect for seaside sipping. Simply mix a non-infused Bourbon with a drop of oyster shell extract for the unexpected twist.

Pearl Julep Cocktail, Coastal Cocktails
Wine Enthusiast​​

4. Malibu Sunset

A layered drink that's a visually stunning as it is delicious! The Malibu Sunset blends the intense flavors of coconut rum, pineappe juice, and orange juice for a perfectly balanced does of Vitamin Sea!

Malibu Sunset, Coastal Cocktails
A Couple Cooks​​

5. Salt Air Margarita

A unique twist on the classic Margarita, this frothy drink is topped with a light, delicious salty foam. There’s no melting ice or foam that quickly dissolves, making it an ideal cocktail for entertaining a large crowd, whether by the shore, the pool or the backyard.

Salt Air Margarita, Coastal Cocktails
Sugar and Charm​​

6. A Day at the Beach

It doesn’t get more tropical than a blend of rum, amaretto, and orange juice that’s garnished with pineapple and strawberries - with its bright bubbly color, this beach drink is begging to get served on your next coastal vacay.

A Day at the Beach, Coastal Cocktails
Mr. Boston Drinks​​

7. Blue Lagoon

You can’t just leave the blues to the ocean - the Blue Lagoon is the next best blue to keep you company under the sun. A blend of blue curaçao, vodka, and lemonade makes for a really great gateway drink. Try lime instead of lemon or add a bit of pineapple juice for that tropical twist.

Blue Lagoon, Coastal Cocktails
A Couple Cooks​​

8. Beachcomber Cocktail

Known as a maraschino-flavored daiquiri, this easy-to-prepare rum cocktail packs a great punch of interesting flavors to make you feel cool, whether it’s for sipping by the pool or partying by the shore.

Beachcomber Cocktail, Coastal Cocktails
The Spruce Eats​​

9. Dirty Banana

Milkshake but make it boozy - this classic cocktail combines rum, flavored liquors, and all your favorite banana milkshake essentials for a happy hour sweet treat.

Dirty Banana, Coastal Cocktails
The Spruce Eats​​

10. Mango Mai Tai

Go fruity and festive with this mai tai favorite! It only takes a few minutes to mix up aged rum, orange curaçao, orgeat syrup, mango pieces, and fruit juices for a blend that tastes like paradise - perfect for poolside sipping!

Mango Mai Tai, Coastal Cocktails
The Spruce Eats​​

11. Corsican Cocktail

Out for a picnic or barbecue? Take it easy with this make-ahead cocktail that’s quick to prepare. Tuck it in your cooler and pour yourself a glass when you get to the beach or pool - don’t forget to top it off with club soda. It’s simply satisfying.

Corsican Cocktail, Coastal Cocktails

12. Pineapple Coconut Margarita

Tart pineapple and creamy coconut milk make a sweet tropical touch to this traditional drink. Take your time and make a full pitcher for your next party out on the shore.

Pineapple Coconut Margarita, Coastal Cocktails
Savored Sips​​

Ready to take your coastal cocktails to the next level? Look no further than our nautical glasses! And with your home's coordinates or your name etched onto each glass, you'll never have to worry about your drink getting mixed up with someone else's.

Whether you're mixing up a classic margarita or trying out a new beachy creation, these glasses will add that special touch that takes your coastal cocktail to the next level.

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