Lobster Rope Outdoor Doormats: Best Doormat for Outside This Fall and Beyond

Written by: Karen Marsh


Styling your front door for fall starts with the one thing that your guests always notice - your outdoor doormat.

If you are in a dry climate you can sometimes get away with lightweight and natural rope doormats in the summer. 


However, these types of doormats usually show heavy signs of use by August, and you’ll need something much more durable for the colder season - the best doormat for outside.

If you are in a climate that gets any kind of humidity - or if you are looking for an all-season doormat - you’ll want an outdoor doormat made of fast-drying material.

But… it’s not always easy to find a durable, winter-worthy doormat that also stays looking great in the ice, rain, and snow.

Until now.

With a Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormatwoven out of real marine-grade rope engineered to withstand water - you could use this outdoor doormat year-round, (and it stays cute year-round, too!)

As the best doormat for outside, Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats start with special Marine Tech™ fibers twisted into heavy-weight rope that lasts for years. Each outdoor doormat is handwoven in Maine and can stand up to Mother Nature's harshest weather. 

It’s The Best 4-Season Outdoor Doormat You Can Find

Why the best doormat for outside?

This outdoor doormat beats rubber, which can crack in cold temperatures as well as heat up uncomfortably in the summer.


It beats outdoor rugs that get bogged down with dirt and debris that create odors. Lobster Rope Doormats have a special “catch and release” weave that prevents them from getting filled with dirt.

Plus, even if it rains all day everyday, these fast-drying outdoor doormats will never mildew or mold, which causes odors and is tracked into your home from wet, soggy mats.


Natural materials like coir and palm, which are often used in an outdoor mat, will lose their fibers and shed over time. If left outside, a natural rope doormat can start to rot in just one season.


Made from synthetic rope, Lobster Rope Doormats will hold up well from one season to the next. Each nautical rope mat is tightly woven on special looms while the ends are permanently melted together. This means your outdoor doormat will not fall apart in bad weather - the best doormat for outside is ready for all four seasons.

The best doormat for outside stays colorful year-round. They are cheerful all year long - no matter the weather! 


No need for boring rubber or industrial doormats for the rain and snow!

These Lobster Rope Outdoor Doormats come in different patterns and many vibrant colors, including our new Wicked Good Double Weave mats that work so well throughout the year. Two complementary colors are woven all throughout, making a unique outdoor doormat for eye-catching front door decor.


This cool combination of deep navy and light blue blends beautifully to usher in cooler temperatures, yet looks great all year long.

A brown and light tan double weave blends an elegant look while giving guests a cozy, welcoming vibe. It works so well with so many door colors, too.

This cranberry and dark tan outdoor doormat will stand out from the rest and looks gorgeous throughout any season.

A green and dark tan double weave mat is a refreshing color combination that brings the beautiful outdoors to your entrance.

Loving these Wicked Good double weave outdoor doormats? Check out more Lobster Rope Doormats to complete your front door this fall and beyond.

Bonus: Not sure which outdoor mat to get? Our Outdoor Doormat Buying Guide offers tips in choosing the best mat that will work for your front door all year long.

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