Front Door Feng Shui: Create A Positive Flow with the Right Outdoor Mat

Written by: Karen Marsh


Looking to boost your home's positive energy vibes? 

Try starting at the front door. Applying age-old feng shui principles to everything from selecting your front door color to the placement of accessories around the entrance can help infuse all of your homecomings with a burst of positivity.

Being very thoughtful when creating your front door area is a key step to bringing positivity and good luck into your your home.

After all, curb appeal sets the energy levels for all those who visit your home, and your outdoor mat is a big part of that. 

All front door rugs should create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This is the energy that you want to flow around you, your family, and your home, and it starts with knowing the steps to choosing the right outdoor mat.

1. What does feng shui say about the best front door mat size?

The best outdoor doormat size creates harmony and balance with your front door.

Your front door mat size is very important. If it is too small your front door area will look unbalanced, upsetting the energy flow. If your outdoor mat is too big, your front door will look crowded. Instead you want to create an impression of expansion and lightness.

Most front doors are 36” across so a 24” x 36” outdoor mat usually settles in very well to that space. However, if you have a tight entryway, you may choose to go down to 18” x 30” to avoid a cluttered feel at the door.

Pro tip: draw both door mat sizes in chalk at your front door and step back to assess which one looks more balanced. If you are going to add side planters, be sure to keep that in mind as well.

2. What are the best outdoor doormat colors for feng shui?

Since you will see your front door mat most often, be sure to go with your gut: select outdoor mat colors that make you feel happy and positive. 

Or, select the type of energy you want to create using our guide below:

Feng shui is deeply connected to the five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element has its own colors that generate and spread energy.

Wood: Greens and blues represent growth and good health - promote vitality with light blues and teals, and welcome nature’s abundance with a fresh green doormat. Our top picks for Lobster Rope Doormats in this color array are a navy, light blue, seafoam outdoor mat or a green and light tan striped or double weave nautical rope doormat.

Fire: Use red tones to ignite passion and energy - create dramatic and bold energy with a vibrant red at your front door. We recommend a light tan, red and dark tan outdoor mat or a navy, red, light tan rope doormat that makes for a vibrant and lively entrance.

Earth: Brown, orange, and yellow colors create a stable, grounded atmosphere - start with a navy, orange and silver rope doormat to boost connections, or go for a brown with light tan stripes or double weave outdoor doormat for warmth and stability. 

Metal: Metallic hues represent precision and clarity - if you love order in your world, a silver and dark tan double weave rope mat or a navy and silver outdoor doormat keeps your entrance neat and clean. 

Water: Dark blue and black represent wisdom and a continuous flow of opportunities. A solid black or solid navy nautical rope doormat can strongly complement most front doors without distracting.

3. How often should you clean your front door mat?

Cleaning your entrance helps release toxic energy from your home. What does this have to do with your outdoor mat?

An easy to clean doormat that looks fresh and bright, despite any weather, supports good energy flow. It shows that you maintain positivity and balance in your space and life.

Make sure your outdoor mat is breathable and dirt passes through it to be swept away. Avoid outdoor rugs that trap dirt because they get heavy and weighed down over time.

Also avoid a front door mat that requires a lot of upkeep. If you have to constantly vacuum your outdoor rug, you'll feel drained just by looking at it each day.

We engineer Lobster Rope Doormats with a special "catch and release" weave that catches dirt in their tough durable ropes, but does not trap it. Each Lobster Rope Doormat allows you to easily lift and sweep away debris.

These clever outdoor mats are so good at letting go of yesterday's dirt, they will never get weighed down.

4. How often should I replace my outdoor mats?

Finally, get a long lasting welcome mat that won’t break down after a season.

An outdoor doormat that stands the test of time symbolizes longevity. In feng shui, longevity is associated with the enduring presence of positive energy in your home - this means good fortune can stay longer.

Choose a well-made, heavy duty outdoor mat to help keep positive energy stable and nurtured in your home. Plus, when you invest in a durable front door mat, it shows you are committed to maintaining long-lasting harmony in your home and reducing consumption and waste.

Lobster Rope Doormats are made to endure harsh weather elements, all while looking fresh and clean. Their quality goes well beyond coir and rubber mats that shed, crack, and wear down after some time.

This means that the good vibes they bring into your space may stay present over the years.

Your front door speaks a lot about the energy you welcome, and the first step to help open your home to opportunities is to choose the right outdoor mat.

If you’d love to find a front door mat that will forever keep the dirt out and the good vibes to come knocking, a Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormat makes any front door the friendliest one in the neighborhood.

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