The Psychology of Front Door Colors: What Yours Says About You

Written by: Karen Marsh


What does the color of your front door say about you? 

Believe it or not, this is a question that has been studied by psychologists. They have found that the color of your front door can actually reveal quite a bit about your personality. In this blog post, we will discuss the psychology of front door colors and what they say about you!

Every front door color leaves a first impression, and here's some insight into what each color conveys:

Calming Blue Front Door Hues

Blue for your front door is a peaceful, calming color. The darker you go, the more it represents intelligence, power, and stability.

A darker blue hue, like navy or midnight blue, showcases your grounded side - you’re trustworthy and dedicated to your values.

Choose a light blue color for your front door, like powder blue or sky blue, and people may see you as someone who’s relaxed, hopeful, and positive. You enjoy the simple things in life and do not like to make too much of a fuss. You are probably someone who is very reliable and down-to-earth.

Blue Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Blue Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

This Navy/Light Blue & Seafoam front door mat is perfect for your blissfully blue entrance.

Balanced with Brown

Choosing a brown door color means you’re very down-to-earth and practical, and a reliable friend. You like things to be neat and tidy, and you probably have a very strong work ethic.

A light brown shade creates a feeling of warmth while dark brown can exude strength.

You can create layers of warmth by pairing your brown door with a Solid Dark Tan Rope Mat or Brown with 2 Light Tan Stripes.

Brown Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Brown Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

Nothing Says Welcome Like Red

Red is a bold touch to your home’s exterior - you like to stand out and make a statement! Red shows your willingness to get things done and your vibrant personality exudes life, energy, and enthusiasm.

If you have a red front door, it could also mean that you also love to entertain and welcome guests to your home. You are likely a very passionate person who is full of energy and always on the go.

Keep your red door the star by pairing it with a warm Dark Tan with 2 Black Stripes rope doormat that will complement without distracting.

Red Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Blue Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

Orange’you a Go-Getter!

The orange door color is as warm as your friendly personality. Playful and energetic, you’re probably open to taking risks and not afraid to ask for what you want.

You know when and how to take charge and everyone knows they can rely on you. You are very outgoing and love to socialize, and you always try to see the best in people.

Have fun with a Navy, Orange, Silver doormat. The sliver of orange in this rope mat will play off beautifully with your orange front door, while the navy provides lovely contrast.

Orange Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

Keep A Sunny Yellow Disposition

Yellow is another warm, inviting color that says you have a sunny disposition and you always look at the bright side of life. You have a curious personality and are open to new experiences. Often cheerful and relaxed, you live in the moment and make connections easily.

With a bright yellow front door color, sky's the limit. Pairing it with a Teal, Yellow and Seafoam nautical rope doormat creates a super happy impression for your guests. A Blue, Green, Yellow doormat is such a beautiful burst of color, too.

A pop of navy, like this Solid Navy outdoor mat, always looks beautiful against a yellow backdrop.

Yellow Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Yellow Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

A Serene Green

A green front door is a natural choice to show your appreciation for nature and the outdoors. You are probably somone who is patient and enjoys the simple things in life. Often used to represent growth, the color green also means calm and peacefulness.

You have the ability to enjoy each moment and are easygoing, yet know how to take responsibility and seek security.

Pair your green front door with a Navy, Green, Seafoam rope mat for a clean, nature-inspired entrance. A Dark Tan, Navy, Green doormat also adds the perfect outdoorsy touch.

Green Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Green Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

For a deeper, olive front door, a Silver and Dark Tan outdoor rug blends seamlessly for a flattering entrance.

Packed with (Purple) Personality

An energetic pop of color, a purple front door could mean that you’re passionate about the things you love. You are likely a very creative person with a strong imagination and enjoy art and beauty.

Always excited and empowered, you’re a risk-taker and free spirit who isn’t worried about what others think of you.

For a cool, calming entrance, pick a doormat that won't compete with your purple front door, such as a Solid Navy. If you want to build it up, purple pairs beautifully with this Rainbow Stripe rope rug that brings even more vibrant personality to your front door.

Purple Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Purple Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

So Pretty in Pink

The color pink is often thought to be feminine and classic, which is why it's associated with romance. You probably love thoughtful gestures and appreciate the small details. Always filled with positive energy, you know how to make people feel good.

You can never go wrong when pairing your pink front door with a Silver and Dark Tan double weave mat. They bring a warm, cozy feeling to your front entry without overpowering your door.

Pink Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Pink Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

Cool Down with Gray

The gray color often represents balance and neutrality, and painting your front door a calming shade of gray could mean that you are a person of maturity and stability. You are likely a no-nonsense kind of person with a serious personality and less likely to take risks.

Respecting boundaries, being confident, and staying modest are important to you. People may also see you as someone who is smart, sophisticated and loves the finer things in life.

Build up your cool, crisp exterior with a Navy, Teal, Silver outdoor mat or a Navy and Silver double weave mat

Gray Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Gray Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

White for Neat and Clean

A white front door conveys freshness and simplicity, and guests will look forward to a clean, serene home. You love to plan things carefully and keep things neat. You know exactly how you want things to be and dislike clutter.

You’re always busy yet rarely complain because you love being productive and staying on top of things. A white door creates the perfect backdrop for a bright, colorful doormat like our Beachy Vibes nautical doormat or the Rainbow Stripe rope mat.

For a more refined look, the Silver and Dark Tan outdoor mat creates a timeless, sophisticated look while ushering in a modern coastal vibe.

White Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
White Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

Bold and Beautiful with Black

A black front door is a bold statement - often associated with luxury and power, the color black could mean that you are independent and are not afraid to express yourself. You are not easily swayed by trends and make well-thought-of choices that exude strength and sophistication.

A black front door provides an elegant backdrop to a cool Silver & Black Double Weave or a warm Light & Dark Tan rope mat. Our Dark Tan and Black doormat beautifully brings out the color in any black front door, too.

Black Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors
Black Front Door, The Psychology of Front Doors

So what do you think? Does your current front door color match your personality or is it time to grab a can of paint?

If you’re feeling inspired by these door colors and want to make a statement with your front door, our Lobster Rope Doormats help create a warm, inviting entrance that's uniquely YOU.

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