Outdoor Doormats: Where To Find The Best Doormat For Your Home

Written by: Karen Marsh


There are really only 2 things your outdoor mat needs to do: look good and keep the dirt out.

Here's how to find the best outdoor doormat to tackle both goals:

You fall in love with a cute, chic doormat but after a few weeks it looks pretty sad… doormats are called “doormats” for a reason - they get tromped on! Your sweet little doormat is looking a little rough around the edges now.

So you go for an outdoor doormat that is strictly functional. But then YOU are sad. You miss your cute front entrance. Rubber is soooo boring.

Where can you find the best outdoor doormat for your front door?

The secret is our marine-grade nautical rope doormats!

Wait, you don’t live by the coast? No problem - we carry an outdoor doormat color and style for any location - mountains to cities to suburbs. Let me tell you more about the rope doormats often called the best outdoor doormat you can buy.

1. Marine grade rope can get wet again, and again, and again.

The #1 reason those cute outdoor doormats fall apart is due to humidity: rain, snow and ice. A soaked doormat that won’t dry quickly is going to rot (if it is natural fiber), shed, or grow mildew (welcome home!)

These elements cause a doormat to break down (not to mention, who wants to track in mold from their doormat). And, it makes that outdoor mat smell.

The key to finding the best outdoor doormat that lasts for years is to find one that is fast-drying.

So, whether you choose our Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats or not, the best outdoor doormat should be designed to dry quickly and resist mildew and mold.

How Lobster Rope Doormats Work

Handwoven in Maine, each Lobster Rope Doormat is made from long-lasting polyethylene fishing rope. This is the toughest nautical rope fishermen use to tether lobster traps in the sea.

What happens when a lobster boat goes out to pull traps and the rope breaks? Yeah, they don’t want to find out either. That’s why this lobster rope is engineered to last in salt water.

So, think about dropping a coir mat into the sea vs. a Lobster Rope Doormat. Which one is likely to come back?

Lobster rope is perfect for weatherproof rope door mats because it can stand up to Mother Nature's harshest elements - water, salt, snow, sand, sun, and wind.

Lobster Rope Outdoor Doormats last for years. Guaranteed.

2. You have to buy an outdoor mat that looks good at your front door.

Ok, you don’t have to… but why wouldn’t you? Front door mats can dramatically increase your curb appeal.

So, the best outdoor doormat is not only weatherproof, but will look good year-round (that means, no rubber mats or box store front door mats).

Our Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats use specially engineered Marine Tech Fibers that are colorfast, vibrant, and have added UV protection.

So whether you go for a bold nautical rope doormat (I am looking at your Navy, Teal, Silver!), the best outdoor doormat for a lake house (Navy, Green and Dark Tan), or something that works in any setting (check out these Solids and Double Weaves!), your outdoor doormat will look great at your front door all year long.

“This is an enduring, quality mat! It is bright and colorful and welcomes everyone at any entrance.” -Carol R.

“I love this rug! I live in Florida, lots of rain. This rug never floats away or needs dried out. Great for keeping sand from coming into the house. The colors are vibrantly beautiful! Looks fabulous on my front porch. Thank you!” - Wise C.

“These door mats are even better in person. Vivid color, very strong and they look great and serve their purpose. Easy to clean too. Highly recommend!” - Cathy H.

So, have your cake and eat it, too. These nautical rope doormats are both beautiful and functional for years!

A few other bonus tips about Lobster Rope Outdoor Doormats:

  • Each Lobster Rope Doormat is tightly handwoven and its ends are seared together to create a permanent bond. This means even if you use this door mat outdoors or indoors, it will not lose its shape or size, or fall apart in bad weather. 
  • Our “Catch and Release” design means dirt is caught and passed through the mat to be swept away later. Say goodbye to whacking your outdoor doormats to clean them! Lobster Rope Doormats never get bogged down with dirt and debris.
  • Lift and sweep away dirt. Then (this is the BEST part) just hose it down at your front door. These nautical rope mats are the easiest outdoor doormats to clean - ever!

So there you have it - the secret to finding the best outdoor doormat for your front door. 

Need some doormat size tips? Check out our Complete Guide to Buying a Doormat here.

Or, shop Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats now to find the best outdoor doormat that you’ll love for years to come.

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