Nautical Gifts for Lake Lovers That Follow All The Lake Rules...

Written by: Karen Marsh


Lake lovers, rejoice! Our new gift collection, inspired by the beauty of lake living, is finally here. From cozy pillows and charming home decor to playful accessories, we've got everything you need to celebrate the majesty of lake life all summer long.

We've curated a unique collection of nautical gifts for lake lovers, and believe me, they follow all the lake rules!

Nautical Gifts for Lake Lovers That Follow All The Lake Rules...

Rule #1: It's always happy hour at the lake... with these charming Lake Inspired Coasters.

There's really never a bad time in the summer to enjoy a cool drink lakeside. These silicone coasters in blue and green lake-inspired colors are perfect nautical gifts for "lake people" who know the "lake is calling" -- always.

Of course, sip responsibly by using our Unbreakable Acrylic Drinkware, which can be engraved with the latitude and longitude coordinates of your lake house. These outdoor-friendly stemless wine glasses and double old-fashioned glasses make lasting nautical gifts for lake house owners.

Lastly, cold beer is a must on hot lake days so keep it cool with a sassy cooler tote. We recommend "Drinks Taste Better by the Water" although "Today's forecast, sunny with a chance of heavy drinking" may be better suited for weekend warriors who love their lake time. Fill one or two up with a cold six-pack and you've got one lake-inspired nautical gift!

Rule #2: Calories don't count lakeside (it's ok for a lake lover to tell themselves that).

Come on! You've been waiting all year to spend time at the lake. Now's your chance to live it up. While you could fill this Lake Life Bowl and Boat Serving Set with fruits and veggies, wouldn't it just be perfection with a bit of chips and salsa instead? Listen, if you are already sitting by the lake, why not enjoy a little snack?

Ok, we agree that healthy eating is a must, most of the time, but life at the lake house just tends to lean a bit more toward relaxed.

This Boat Shaped Cracker Dish Set is the perfect nautical gift for keeping their  crackers and cheese nicely displayed.

Need more room? This On Lake Time 2-Piece Cheese Set is perfect for serving lakeside. Or grate a little garlic in olive oil and serve with bread with this Lake Style Bread and Oil set.

Rule #3: Fish do not have 5 points.

Lake lovers will take a good rainbow trout over as starfish any day, right? That's why these charming coastal fish pillows are so perfect in their lake house. With green and blue stripes and rustic charm, they are the catch of the day and make great gifts for lake house owners. Pair a couple together for a special nautical gift.

Rule #4: The only thing that should be salty is your corn on the cob.

Lake-inspired food is pretty awesome. From bonfire s'mores to barbecue chicken, nothing smells more delicious than a Sunday afternoon at the lake. But, remember, come August you're going to want to get in line for the fresh, sweet corn. A touch of butter, and some salt from our Sailboat Salt & Pepper Set, and you've got pure heaven. 

Fact: Freshwater fans living the lake life know how to put out a good spread - they will love this nautical gift!

Rule #5: Being obsessed with your boat is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you're looking for nautical gifts for boaters, these new Recycled Sail Bags and Duffel Bags are a sure hit.

Boaters come in all shapes and sizes. From the speed boat fanatics to pontoon partiers they all share a love of the wind whipping through their hair.

For lake lovers who love to sail, we have a huge collection of boat-themed nautical gifts, including these 12" Wooden Sailboat Schooners, these extra large 25" sailboat replicas, and these super stylish Sailboat Coat Hooks.

Rule #6: Lake people don't take themselves too seriously.

These fun waffle weave kitchen towels capture the humor of those lucky enough to live by the lake. From "the bonfire is where marshmallows & friends get toasted" to "Lake life, unsalted and shark free" these towels will make any lake lover smile.

Also check out our new applique style lake towels which make great nautical gifts for lake house owners.

Rule #7: Your lake house is where your heart is.

There is no greater feeling than opening your lake house for the summer. That first night you spend in bed, listening to nature and the soft ripple of waves, is unlike anything else. We celebrate summer homes with these fun lake house gifts, like this A Summer Place Square Pillow and the Summer House Throw Pillow.

And of course, say Hello Sunshine with this new jute pillow perfect for any summer decor.

Rule #8: Lake lovers have nothing to prove to their seafaring friends.

It's a timeless debate... and really, no one can really ever win. But lake lovers are passionate about their lake house, so why not shout it out? There is no better way to spread your lake love with these Life is Better at the Lake and My Happy Place is at the Lake Canvas tote bags.

Or you can try our Better to Wake at the Lake or Lake Rules door stoppers. They all get the point across.

And, lastly, Rule #9 says that at the end of the day, anyone who shares a love of the coast - be it lake or ocean - is among friends.

We all share a love of boats, the beach, and an endless summer.

What are your favorite lake-inspired nautical gifts? Be sure to check out our complete collection of nautical gifts perfect for housewarming, boat lovers, and more.

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