Recycled Sail Bag Buying Guide for 2019

Recycled Sail Bag Buying Guide for 2019

Recycled Sail Bag Buying Guide

Looking for the perfect sail bag for your next beach vacation or day out on the boat? This special guide on our beach bags made from recycled sailcloth helps take the guesswork out of your shopping experience.

  • Our sail bags use recycled sailcloth - an eco-friendly solution for those who love to re-use and upcycle.
  • Each bag is crafted from a used sail that once traveled the waterways of the world. Your bag carries a certain mystique because who know where it has already journeyed?
  • A real conversation-piece, each bag feels special and is one-of-a-kind showcasing the original sail stitching and markings.

Things to keep in mind about recycled sail material:

  • A used sail will always have some amount of staining on it that cannot be removed with washing. While we wash each and every sail we receive to get it as clean as possible, there will always be some spots on it - some more than others. Many sailing enthusiasts say that's where these bags get all of their character and authenticity!
  • Recycled sail bags will vary in terms of how soft they are or crinkly and stiff, based upon how much the sail was used. When sailcloth is manufactured it is coated with resin which makes it quite stiff. Resin helps the sail's performance - wind and water will whip right off of it. But, over time, resin breaks down making for a softer cloth.

How often will you use your recycled sail bag? 

Sail bags are the obvious choice for a day at the beach (sand just falls right off of them!) but great to use everyday as well. Be sure your bag can be easily cleaned if you are using it frequently.

What recycled sail bag types are there?

The most popular bag type is the tote - it is roomy, with sturdy rope handles and fits quite a lot. Perfect for everyday use, it's exactly what you need for quick runs to the market (skip the plastic bags!), a day at the beach, and even for a school bag or airplane carry-on.

Great for those boat days where you need to pack several beach towels (I use mine every time we go out on the boat - it fits several beach towels for my family, 2 sunscreens, my library book that MUST stay dry, phone, and even some extra clothes. Plus I never feel bad about stuffing wet towels in it at the end of the day).

Then, there's also the duffel bag -  durable and resistant to wear and tear, it can withstand rough handling and exposure to the elements, and is great for beach days, boating and the outdoors. 


What about zippers or pockets?

Zippers are essential if you use this bag for travel, and if you want to increase how protected your items are from water. Just be sure that your bag has a nice, sturdy rust-proof zipper, like our recycled sailcloth tote bag.

Even the duffel bag comes with a corrosion resistant dual zippered top and zippered exterior pocket to keep your belongings safe and secure.

I hope this guide helps you understand why our Recycled Sail Bags are a popular choice among beach lovers. Each one features water-resistant material, sturdy cotton webbing handles, and durable rust-proof zipper that we always highly recommend. Bon voyage!

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