Tired Of Replacing Doormats? Pro Tip: The Secret Is In Lobster Rope

Written by: Karen Marsh


What if I told you that replacing your doormats can be a thing of the past? Rather than constantly finding a new one, why not just purchase an outdoor doormat that lasts? 

The answer to your doormat woes consists of “Lobster Rope”, a durable material that can withstand the elements and is easy to maintain.

Lobster rope will ensure you get the most out of your doormat. So if you're tired of replacing your doormats regularly, here's why durable doormats made of lobster rope can save you tons on replacements.

You're Tired of Replacing Your Doormats, and You Should Be

Imagine you have a friend named Sarah who just moved into a new house. She was excited about her new place and made sure to decorate it just how she liked it.

One of the first things she did was buy a nice doormat for the front door, so she could keep the house inside clean.

However, after only a few weeks of use, the doormat started to look old and worn out. The mat's fibers had frayed, and it was no longer trapping dirt and debris from the shoes of Sarah and her visitors. Sarah realized that she would need to replace the utdoor doormat soon since it was no longer effective in keeping her house clean.

Your once-cute doormats get stained, wear away, fade, and become discolored over time. Even when you try your best to clean them, you still need to replace them within a few months — and sometimes sooner than that, if you live on the coast. 

It can be a frustrating experience, especially after investing a not-so-small sum of money in a high-quality doormat. 

A fade-resistant, heavyweight mat sounds like the ideal solution, right? 

Sarah could avoid the doormat blues by getting a Lobster Rope Doormat.

Lobster Rope Doormats are a Better, Long-lasting Outdoor Doormat Alternative

Lobster Rope Doormats are a long-lasting, all-weather alternative to traditional doormats. These unique dirt and debris entryway barriers are a stylish way to protect your floor and your home.

Lobster Rope Doormats are handwoven from a durable, tightly-woven material (polysteel rope) that is strong enough to stand up to a small stampede and the elements. They're also beautiful and decorative, making them an attractive addition to any home.

What a Lobster Rope Doormat is and Why it's Worth Investing In

Lobster Rope is a type of fishermen's rope used to tether lobster traps. What makes it different from other ropes is its strength and durability.

Lobster fishing can be a tough job, and the rope must withstand harsh conditions like salt water, waves, and even marine life. 

Fishermen do not want to lose their daily catch! So they choose to connect their traps with long-lasting, weatherproof rope that will stand up the harsh ocean elements. That's Lobster Rope.

Another interesting thing about lobster ropes is their flexibility. They were designed to be flexible enough to bend and move with the traps but sturdy enough to hold them in place. That's why Lobster Rope Doormats hold their shape for years.

Lobster ropes are usually brightly colored, making them easily visible in the water, and they create gorgeous woven washable doormats. They're great for outdoor use because they're heavy-duty, resist mildew and mold, and have added UV protection against fading for years. 

Their composition is why you get a durable doormat that can last for many years, even with an army of teens trampling over them daily for five years straight.

The Benefits of Using Wicked Good Rope in Lobster Rope Doormats

Lobster Rope Doormats are great for protecting your outdoor living space. They have a unique weave that traps dirt and debris, keeping your deck or patio clean. These mats are quick-drying, making them resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Our Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats are handwoven from brand new rope we've engineered to be even stronger than traditional polypropylene rope & with extra UV protection, so each mat ages beautifully even under extreme weather conditions. 

On the other hand our “Colors of Maine” Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats are constructed from an assortment of recycled lobster rope and leftover scrap rope. 

Because both collections are long-lasting (they last for years, and not just a season), these are much more eco-friendly and sustainable when you compare them to traditional doormats. They even add a touch of style to your outdoor living space with their authentic nautical look, making them a great addition to coastal home decor. However, we ship our Wicked Good Doormats and Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats all over the US - they are perfect for any home!

Wicked Good Rope is Particularly Well-Suited for Coastal Regions

Our mix of polypropylene and polyethylene rope, with added UV protection, is particularly well-suited for coastal regions, thanks to its resistance to salt water. This type of rope is firm and can easily withstand the wear and tear of the harsh coastal environment.

So, if you live near the ocean, your property would benefit from a doormat that can handle the salty air, sandy feet, and sunny (and sometimes rainy) days.

Using lobster rope makes heavy-duty doormats that are flexible, making them easy to install and maintain. The rope is available in different colors and sizes, and artisans create several designs, which means you can find a great doormat to match your home's aesthetic that you shouldn't need to replace a few months down the line!

Invest in Lobster Rope Doormats and Save on a Long-lasting Solution

Doormats are a necessary part of any house. They keep dirt, dust, and debris at bay while welcoming guests and pets into your home. Unfortunately, they can often be a hassle to replace. 

Traditional doormats wear out quickly, and you find yourself replacing them often, which can be expensive.

Lobster rope doormats are a unique yet effective solution to the common problem of replacing doormats too often. These heavy-duty doormats stand up to the elements while providing a stylish, decorative touch to your home decor. 

With its low cost and long-lasting durability, lobster rope is the ideal durable doormat material for any homeowner. Whether you're looking for something that's eco-friendly or looks rustic, a lobster rope doormat for the outdoors is a great choice!


We understand the challenge of finding the perfect outdoor doormat - that's why we're here to help! Our quick 3-step guide will help you discover the ideal outdoor doormat for your home. Get ready to turn heads in your neighborhood with these fun, functional front door mats that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all who visit. 

Love to set up a beautiful coastal entrance? Check out more coastal decor and accessories that pair perfectly with the Lobster Rope Doormat - ready to welcome your guests with the spirit of the coast.

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