Buying an Outside Doormat: What Is The Best Doormat for Outdoors?

Written by: Karen Marsh


Buying an Outside Doormat: The #1 Mistake People Make and How to Avoid It

How to avoid replacing your outside doormat every season

The #1 reason front door mats outside need to be replaced so often is many are ill-suited for outdoor weather.

The best outside doormat will always be one that is proven to be water and sun resistant. Anything else will shed, fall apart, and need to be replaced every season.

When looking for the best outside door mats to withstand the elements, be sure they are advertised as weatherproof and read the product reviews to confirm it.

The best outside doormat of 2024 is the Lobster Rope Doormat, in our humble opinion, because it lasts for many years - through rain, snow, wind, sun, salt, sand, and mud while still looking great.

Here are the top 5 things to look for when shopping for the best outside doormat:

1. It is important to choose an outdoor rug that dries quickly in order to avoid mildew or mold forming, and prevent odors.

As mentioned, the best outside door mats must be crafted of weatherproof material that can get very, very wet. For the best outdoor doormat for rain, snow, ice and more, the material must be fast-drying to avoid growth of mildew and mold - which leads to "stinky doormat syndrome".

Choose synthetic materials, like lobster rope, that are engineered to dry quickly and resist moisture. Avoid natural fibers as these tend to wear down quicker when they're constantly wet.

2. Your outdoor door mat should last for years. Choose a weatherproof synthetic fiber mat specifically engineered to last in all weather, like Wicked Good Doormats.

There is a reason "being a doormat" means putting up with a lot - the best outside doormat can handle the toughest of jobs without breaking down under full sun.

Opt for heavy duty door mat material that can take whatever the elements throw its way, ensuring your front door mat outside stands strong year after year. Engineered to be super durable in all weather, Lobster Rope Doormats will never rot over time.

Our Wicked Good Doormats are made to withstand every season, looking great in the summer, fall, winter, and spring without ever losing their shape or color.

Unlike coir welcome mats that break down and shed over time or rubber doormats that crack in cold weather, our weatherproof nautical rope doormats last for years, outliving many others. By investing in a durable outdoor mat, you are reducing waste while saving money in the long run.

3. Outside doormats should never trap dirt - they should never get bogged down and look and feel dirty.

Doormats that trap sand and dirt seem great... until you have to clean them by thwacking them over and over against something hard. Lobster Rope Doormats are the best outdoor doormat for sand with their woven design that allows dirt and sand to pass right through them so they never get weighed down by yesterday's debris.

4. Outside doormats need to be able to scrub the mud off of your shoes so a raised ridge weave or bristles are best.

The best outside door mats are made of tough material that endures constant scrubbing. Front door mats outside need to be able to scrub the mud off of your shoes, so raised ridges or bristles are best. Lobster Rope Doormats are built tough with durable nautical rope made into a raised weave design to scrub mud and dirt from your boots, all while keeping the mat in excellent condition.

5. Being able to hose down your outside doormat right at your door is a major plus, saving you so much time.

Outdoor doormats put up with a lot, including constant foot traffic and all kinds of weather. That means they will need a good cleaning pretty often. Lobster Rope Doormats can easily be hosed down right at your door, and because they dry quickly, they will never cause unpleasant odors nor produce a slimy surface underneath your outside doormat.

We put a Lobster Rope outside doormat to the test!

Make sure you choose a long-lasting outside doormat that still makes a friendly welcome and boosts your home's curb appeal.

Fortunately, buying a weatherproof outside doormat doesn't mean you have to settle for boring rubber or industrial looking mats.

Lobster Rope Doormats come in a wide variety of colors - from navy blue and teals to browns, tans, and charcoals - so you can find just the right front door mat outside.

These outside doormats that are both super durable and stylish will give your entrance an instant transformation in 3...2...1...Trust us when we say that the difference is simply amazing!

Check out all of our weatherproof Lobster Rope Doormats right here - over 30 colors available.

Bonus: You can read our full guide to Buying the Best Outside Doormat right here.

Buying an Outside Doormat: What Is The Best Doormat for Outdoors?

Ready to find the perfect outside doormat? Check out our Wicke Good Lobster Rope Doormats:

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