2024 Stone Drink Dispenser Complete User Guide

Written by: Karen Marsh


Thinking about purchasing a Stone Drink Dispenser for your home bar? 

Read on to learn all you need to know about buying a Stone Drink Dispenser and how to enjoy it to its fullest!

What is a Stone Drink Dispenser?

A Stone Drink Dispenser is a liquor or wine dispenser crafted from granite stone that smoothly dispenses your beverage using a leak-proof, stainless steel spigot. Each dispenser will hold a .750 or 1.5ml bottle of wine or spirits safely and securely, making it easy to pour the perfect drink for your guests every time.

How do you add a bottle to your Stone Drink Dispenser?

There are 2 ways to add a new bottle: you can turn the Stone Drink Dispenser upside down and screw it onto the top of the bottle, or use the new Stone Drink Dispenser Stopper Accessory (see videos below). 

Tip: Since the granite dispenser weighs up to 17lbs, using the clever Stopper is fast becoming a popular choice.

When using the stopper, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the bottle cap.
  2. Re-cork the bottle with the Stopper accessory
  3. Turn the bottle upside down and place it in the dispenser with the Stopper’s cord slightly peaking out in the back.
  4. Make sure the spigot is closed, then gently tug on the Stopper’s cord.
  5. As soon as bubbles enter the bottle, you’ll know that the Stopper was removed. It should stay in the dispenser until the bottle is empty.
  6. Pull open the spigot and let the good times flow! Push to close.

What bottle fits in a Stone Drink Dispenser?

Each Stone Drink Dispenser will hold a .750 or 1.5ml bottle of wine or spirits.

What types of drinks can you put in a Stone Drink Dispenser?

You can enjoy dispensing all of your favorite wines and spirits, like brandy, gin, rum, liqueurs, vodka, whiskey, and more.

Can you put carbonated beverages in a Stone Drink Dispenser?

No, the Stone Drink Dispenser is not for use with carbonated beverages.

Where are Stone Drink Dispensers made?

Handmade by a small artisan shop in Maine, each Stone Drink Dispenser is crafted using rough-hewn, cobbled granite for the base and a naturally tumbled beach stone handle for the tap. Each stone varies and is one of a kind.

What is the spigot made of?

The Stone Drink Dispenser’s leak-proof spigot is made of stainless steel.

How do you clean a Stone Drink Dispenser?

The Stone Drink Dispenser is easy to clean - with its spigot open, place it in the sink and run hot soapy water through the dispenser. Rinse thoroughly.

Can you store a bottle in the Stone Drink Dispenser?

The Stone Drink Dispenser is the life of any party. It is designed for short-term usage to dispense your favorite wine and spirits. If you add a bottle with the Stopper Accessory you can store it long-term with the Stopper in place. Never keep open bottles stored long-term because granite is naturally porous.

Do I need a riser for my Stone Drink Dispenser?

You can add optional height to your Stone Drink Dispenser with a riser, but it is not necessary. While the Stone Drink Dispenser works beautifully on its own, a riser lets you elevate the dispenser and fill your glass more easily. It also adds a stunning, elegant look to your dispenser.

Our risers include a solid 4" x 4" granite stone riser and a 6" granite & stainless steel riser. These stands allow you to enjoy your dispenser anywhere on your bar or counter, allowing extra room for pouring even into wine stems.

How much does a Stone Drink Dispenser weigh?

Alone your Stone Beverage Dispenser can weigh up to 18 pounds. The risers can add another 10-12 pounds.

Can I get free shipping on a Stone Drink Dispenser?

Due to the weight of each dispenser and riser, if you can find an offer for free shipping that’s your best deal.

Is the Stone Drink Dispenser a popular gift?

It is one of our most popular gift items, especially during the holidays. With all of its 5-star reviews, you can be assured you are giving one heck of a cool gift to anyone who loves their home bar.

"I love my beautiful wine dispenser so modern and elegant and works beautifully, such a beautiful addition in my wine cellar! Posted it on IG and so many people asked where I got it from! Love love love!!!" - Monica M.

Do you have any other questions about buying a Stone Drink Dispenser? Be sure to email us at hello@thenewenglandtradingcompany.com and we’ll get right back to you!

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