5 Must-Read Tips For Choosing Mats for Outdoors

Written by: Karen Marsh


Every realtor will tell you that first impressions are everything. And it all starts at the front door. You want your home's entrance to be warm and inviting.

So let's talk about that old doormat at your front door right now… the one that is most definitely sending off the wrong first impression.

If you never really thought about your front door mat, that’s okay. We’re here to help. These top 5 tips for finding the perfect front door mat for outdoors will show you how to create the right first impression.

Choose an outdoor doormat material engineered to be durable in all weather

There’s no way around it. Your outdoor mats are going to be rained on, stomped on, beaten down with sun, and covered with all sorts of dirt, debris, sand and salt. They are treated like, well, a doormat!

Pick the right outdoor material for a doormat and you’ll have the sharpest door on the block - no matter the weather or season. 

Here we break down the top outdoor mat materials you may be considering:

Outdoor door mats made from natural fibers like coir, jute, and seagrass: these mats tend to be better for indoor use.  Why? Because they’re made from natural materials that tend to break down in humidity. When exposed to rain, snow, sun, and other harsh weather conditions, natural materials often rot and shed. This causes your outdoor mats to deteriorate rapidly.

Coir doormat

Let's talk about rubber, too - a tough and rugged material often use for door mats outdoors. Rubber mats are durable and waterproof, but when rubber faces freezing temperatures for too long, it starts to develop cracks.

And during scorching summer days, rubber mats are like heat magnets, soaking up all that warmth from the sun.

Rubber doormats are hardworking mats, but they do not add much to your curb appeal. For a warmer, cheery welcome, choose something with more interest and texture.

Rubber doormat

That leads us to Lobster Rope Doormats™, which are handwoven using marine-grade polysteel rope originally designed to secure lobster traps to buoys in the sea. That means these mats for outdoors are incredibly durable and can handle all kinds of tough weather conditions - from salty sea air to sun, rain, and snow.

Unlike natural rope doormats, the lobster rope used in these outdoor mats is synthetic, which means it won't rot over time. You can trust in the long-lasting quality of these mats.

After all, if it's a rope that fishermen depend upon to stay intact in the ocean, you can be sure it will handle your front door traffic and weather.

Weight matters - avoid flyaway mats for outdoors

Doormats made from very light materials, such as thin plastic or low-density rubber, are more susceptible to being blown away by strong winds. These lightweight doormats do not have enough weight or grip to stay firmly in place during gusty weather conditions.

It’s essential to choose heavier and more substantial outdoor mats - Lobster Rope Doormats™ are no ordinary mats. Made from strong, heavyweight polysteel rope, these outdoor doormats weigh 7 to 10 pounds each, and will stay in place better without getting blown away.

Outdoor mats must be fast drying and resistant to mold and mildew

Let’s talk about the weather again. If you choose a mat that is synthetic but not fast-drying, your mat becomes a soggy breeding ground for mildew and mold. Yuck! Carpeted doormats are very inexpensive but when wet, it will retain water.

Wet carpeted doormats are tricky, as they hold onto moisture longer, making cleaning much more challenging. The drying process takes even longer due to their absorbent nature. 

Lobster Rope Doormats™, on the other hand, dry quickly and resist mildew and mold. The woven design allows for excellent airflow, ensuring your front door mat stays fresh and dry even after heavy rains.

Choose an outdoor door mat that is easy to clean

Let's face it - nobody enjoys cleaning a doormat, especially not the whacking-against-the-wall routine or wrestling with a vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris.

Carpeted mats might be a common outdoor mat option, but they come with their fair share of problems. Not only do they get dirty fast, but they also pick up all sorts of lint, making vacuuming a real chore.

With Lobster Rope Doormats™, cleaning is a breeze. A simple shake-it-off or quick rinse with a hose is all it takes to keep your entrance looking fresh and friendly. No more fuss, just hassle-free cleaning right at your doorstep.

Avoid outdoor door mats that get bogged down with dirt

Ok, let’s talk about something that really stinks: those mats for outdoors that trap and keep dirt and debris - they tend to smell. This leads to a very unwelcoming entrance. 

But with the woven design of Lobster Rope Doormats™, dirt doesn't stand a chance. Simply lift your mat and give it a quick sweep to remove all the dirt it caught. Thanks to its unique "catch and release" weave, debris easily passes through, ensuring this outdoor doormat never gets bogged down. 

Bonus tip - choose an outdoor mat with year-round breathability!

Did you know that some mats outdoors can create sliminess underneath, especially in humid environments? Not a good look for your front door!

With Lobster Rope Doormats™, their breathable design makes sure air circulates freely, preventing slimy surprises and keeping your entrance fresh and clean all year round.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can welcome your guests in extraordinary substance and style?

These tips on mats for outdoors are all about making that lasting impression, and with Lobster Rope Doormats™ that are ready for it all, your front door game will be on point.

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