Lobster Rope Doormat Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Lobster Rope Doormat

Written by: Karen Marsh


As the first direct-to-consumer and online sellers of Lobster Rope Doormats in 2009 (and the company that coined the name "Lobster Rope Doormats") my husband, Jeff, and I have seen a lot of replica outdoor doormats on the market recently. Using our combined 28+ years of experience selling rope doormats we created this guide to help you sort through the in's and out's of getting the best outdoor mat for your home. 

7 Things to Know Before Buying a Lobster Rope Doormat

We've always had a loyal following of Lobster Rope Doormat lovers! But lately, the word has spread evern more about how amazing this outdoor door mat performs in all weather, while looking great year-round. Since lobster rope is engineered to avoid breaking down or shredding for years under the sea, it's a no- brainer that this material is perfect for outdoor mats. But not all Lobster Rope Doormats are made the same. Here are 7 things you need to look out for before buying your mat. 

1. Not all Lobster Rope is the Same in Composition & Strength

If you do a side-by-side comparison of different "lobster rope doormats" on the market today, the visual differences would be quite clear. You would see different levels of rope color saturation. Inconsistent color makes the mat less pleasing to the eye. You want a Lobster Rope Doormat that uses rope that has undergone the proper quality controls to ensure color is consistent throughout. It is all in the process of making good rope!

The next feature you need to look for in rope construction is the type of Lobster Rope used. There are many soft, flexible lobster ropes on the market that result in a looser weave and less sturdy doormat.  These are lobster rope doormats using predominantly polypropylene fishing rope. Polypropylene doormats are more flexible and lightweight than a lobster rope doormat made of rope created by a mix of polypropylene and polyethylene. Otherwise known as "polysteel" this type of poly mix results in a longer-lasting, more durable, and stiffer lobster rope (preferred by fishermen today). A polysteel rope doormat will have a tighter weave, look and feel more durable, and are generally longer lasting. They are the most "rugged" lobster rope doormats around. All Wicked Good Doormats are woven using our own specially engineered polysteel rope - no exceptions ever. 

Also look out for rope diameter, which can definitely affect the look of your Lobster Rope Doormat. The thinner the rope, the less substantial your doormat will appear.

Some rope features are not visible to your eye, and this is where you have to be very careful. The quality of Lobster Rope can vary, affecting how long it lasts. The amount of UV protection added to your Lobster Rope Doormat (which increases the overall cost of rope production) will affect how long the color lasts. If a rope manufacturer doesn't specifically add more UV protection to the rope beyond standard values, you will get a doormat that fades faster. 

All Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats are handwoven using our own exclusive lobster rope, engineered from polypropylene and polyethylene to be among the strongest and longest-lasting rope around. We've added up to 6x's industry standards for UV protection and have meticulously tested rope diameters to find the one that creates the best looking lobster rope doormat. Plus, our color control starts both at the rope factory and in our own individual doormat inspections. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Choose a polysteel Lobster Rope Doormat with up to 6x's the standard UV protection for the firmest, longest-lasting quality.

2. Not all Lobster Rope Doormats are woven the same way

Between the 3 of us, Jeff, Dave (our Sales and Operations Manager) and me, we've inspected thousands of Lobster Rope Doormats. We can all say that no two types of Lobster Rope Doormats are woven the same! Dave, Jeff, and I have put our combined 38+ years experience together to design a Lobster Rope Doormat weaving process that results in a beautiful, tight weave every time!

It all starts with using the proper equipment. I can't share secrets of the trade here, but I can assure you that cutting corners on the weaving equipment will show in the final lobster rope doormat. 

We regularly work with Maine craftsmen to design and improve upon our equipment so that Wicked Good Doormat customers always get a clean, tightly woven lobster rope doormat (and basket!) that will hold its shape for years.

Since you can't hold and touch a Lobster Rope Doormat before you buy it online, you have to be really careful. Be sure you purchase from a respected, trusted company that will invest in its equipment.

While we have a 30-Day No Questions Asked Return Policy we have less than 1% returns. We also give you a 3 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee against quality defects. We stand by our Lobster Rope Doormats for years!

KEY TAKEAWAY #2: Only purchase a Lobster Rope Doormat from a company that has been selling and guaranteeing them successfully for years.

3. The quality of Lobster Rope Doormats will vary from weaver to weaver

One of the coolest parts about owning a Lobster Rope Doormat is knowing you are supporting local economies here in Maine! We've got some extremely hard working and talented weavers up here and we're proud of the product they make!

However, from experience, we do know that without proper equipment, guiding, training and coaching a Lobster Rope Doormat's quality will suffer. 

Dave Carter, our Sales & Operations Manager, has over 10 years experience training the most talented weavers in the marketplace. He is supportive, encouraging, and inspects every single doormat (that's right!)

It is not easy to weave these Lobster Rope Doormats - it takes some labor, for sure. We know how important our weavers' satisfaction is and we stay close in touch with them.

That's also why we pay our weavers among the highest, if not the highest, in the market for their hard labor. We just feel it is the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, this is not true across the board in this industry. Lower quality doormats hit the market often from competitors that do not keep as close an eye on training and quality. It is quite expensive to toss out a poorly woven doormat and if it can "sneak by" then it makes economical sense to sell it. We, however, will only sell #1 Quality Lobster Rope Doormats under the name Wicked Good Doormats. On occasion we may sell a properly labeled #2 quality doormat that didn't quite make our rigorous inspection standards. We'll label, name, and discount those #2 quality doormats for anyone interested in buying them.

KEY TAKEAWAY #3: Work with a Lobster Rope Doormat company that trains their weavers well and pays them fairly.

4. Not all companies rigorously inspect their Lobster Rope Doormats for quality

Again, it's the years of experience in this market that makes us so familiar with varying Lobster Rope Doormat quality. Here are the key signs that a company is not closely inspecting the quality of their door mat. 

1. Pet hair, debris, and "what the heck is that?" is interwoven in the lobster rope doormat.

You might be wondering how a never-before-used doormat can be so dirty. Let me lift the curtain a bit: working from home is a popular way to balance weaver happiness with production needs. Stay-at-home mothers, people looking for second jobs, or just about anyone loves the flexibility of earning money from home. We think it is wonderful to give people that option. However, if a company is not strict about cleanliness of the weaving and finished product storage area, it will be obvious in the finished doormat.

The last thing you want is to receive a Lobster Rope Doormat that is not clean and fresh, ready for your own use. Believe me, I've seen worse!

Dave's quality inspection and ongoing coaching ensures our weavers keep a clean area for work and turn in a gorgeous, clean doormat. 

2. Seams in the middle of the doormat

So you order what looks like a beautiful Lobster Rope Doormat online and when you get it in you notice a weird mark in the middle of it. What is that??

When switching from one rope color to another, a weaver has to use heat to permanently fuse the two rope ends together. If the weaver did not properly plan their rope length they may run short and need to fuse rope in the middle of that mat. That's a big "no no" for us, but we have seen it happen in other doormats. 

Our weaving process and training prevents these fusions from happening in the middle of your new Lobster Rope Doormat.

KEY TAKEAWAY #4: Only purchase a lobster rope doormat that has been promoted as rigorously inspected for quality.

5. Know the difference between Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats and New Lobster Rope Doormats

When we were the first to sell Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats online back in 2009, we called them Float Rope Doormats. That's because they were made from rope that floats to the ocean's surface. Since most people were not searching for "float rope" and we wanted a product name that was more easily understood, we came up with "Lobster Rope Doormats". And, that is how it all began!

You may see others on the market called Fishermen's Rope, Fishing Rope, or Nautical Rope... but it is the Original Lobster Rope Doormat that started it all. 

We still sell Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats today by working with local Maine lobstermen (did I mention Dave worked on a lobster boat for years?). We've been keeping this used rope out of landfills now for over 14 years!

New rope doormats, our Wicked Good Doormats, came about by customer demand for a consistent look in a front door mat. Today we have over 35 new lobster rope doormat colors and styles available! We love creating this product because it is in line with our values of waste not, want not. When you invest in a front door mat that lasts for years you are not only saving yourself money, but reducing waste. No more having to replace your doormats regularly. Our Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats will look beautiful at your doorstep for many, many years. 

KEY TAKEAWAY #5: Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats are made of upcycled lobster rope and Wicked Good Doormats are made from new lobster rope. Both are fast-drying, weatherproof, mildew-resistant, ultra-durable and will last for years.

6. Know the fair value for a Lobster Rope Doormat

Ok, so this one is a bit sensitive... but let's dig in. We know there are "lobster rope doormats" priced both above and below our own line of mats.  

Jeff, Dave and I strongly feel our Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats and Wicked Good Doormats are priced right and fairly and that you absolutely should not pay above what we charge

Simply put, the luxe nautical rope doormats on the market are not of a higher quality. They do not have added features. In fact, they may not even last as long. The higher price is not driven by higher quality. 

As for lower-priced lobster rope doormats on the market, many come from smaller sellers who may lack the critical training, equipment investment, quality control focus, and weaver compensation required for a doormat of the quality of a Wicked Good Doormat.

KEY TAKEAWAY #6: Higher priced lobster rope doormats do not equate to higher quality. But lower-priced doormats may equate to a lower quality product.

7. Only work with a company that puts the customer first

Here is what you deserve as a consumer of Lobster Rope Doormats (demand it!)

1. Companies need to be clear on how long they take to ship doormats.
To reduce inventory costs, companies often produce doormats as orders come in. This can cause a significant delay in when you will receive your mat. You deserve to know exactly how long it will take for your lobster rope doormat to land at your front door (literally!). We've had many calls from unhappy customers who were tired of waiting for their doormat from a competitor. Here at New England Trading Co. we ship all in-stock lobster rope doormats in 1-2 days via UPS Ground. If we are offering a preorder on an out of stock doormat, we let you know exactly when to expect it. 

2.  Ensure it is easy to get in touch with the company.

While staffing a phone full time may not be an option, all companies should make it easy and obvious for customers to get in touch. Whenever you want to talk to us just tap the conversation bubble in the right hand corner. If we are not live on chat at the moment, you can bet we'll be getting right back to you quickly.

3. Read the reviews.
If a company is producing a quality product with excellent service, it will be evident in their product reviews. Ensure they are from a trusted 3rd party review source (ours is currently Judge.me which identifies verified buyers.)

KEY TAKEAWAY #7: Follow the reviews... if a company is doing a great job on service, the reviews will show it!

Being a smart consumer is easy when you are informed.

Jeff and I hope this article helps you understand how no two "lobster rope doormat" companies are the same and how differing company practices affect the quality of your finished doormat. 

Thank you for reading, and reach out anytime you have questions - just tap the conversation bubble in the lower left corner. Our customer service expert, Paige, will ensure you get a fast response to any question.

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