How to Choose the Lobster Rope Doormat for Your Front Door

Written by: Karen Marsh


You know you want a Lobster Rope Doormat but you're not sure how to pick the right one... does this sound right?

No problem! We're giving you a flash course on the benefits of each type of Lobster Rope Doormat so you can select just the one that will make your doorstep smile for years.

Choosing Among Different Lobster Rope Doormats

The first thing you need to know is that all of our doormats are made from lobster rope. Whether it is called nautical rope or lobster rope, it is all the same type if commercial fishing rope used to tether lobster traps to their buoys.

That means all of our doormats are designed to withstand sea, salt, air, wind, sun and freezing conditions! They never mildew or grow mold, are fast-drying, and new rope mats have added UV protection. They also are all handwoven in the USA so your purchase supports small business and workers.

It also means you get to choose your doormat solely by which one you like the best. Yay! Whether you live on the coast, lakeside, in the mountains, or the city we've got a welcome mat just right for you. Now that we've got that behind us, let's talk about:

How Lobster Rope Doormats Differ

The first main variance for you to consider is: New Rope or Recycled Rope. Here are the benefits of each:

Recycled Rope

This rope is so cool because it has actually been in the ocean and is filled with history. Some fisherman or fisherwoman staked their living on this actual rope, knowing it would safely bring in the day's haul. Imagine the rope breaking? No, no, no...

This rope is also important because it has been pulled from the ocean and does not add to the growing problem of plastic in the sea.

And, because it is woven into doormats, it is not adding to pollution on land either.
Some of the rope is colorful, some of it more subdued. Our weavers do a great job building an attractive mat with the colors they have available and they fill in with other scrap lobster rope.

Who Should Buy A Recycled Lobster Rope Doormat?

If you love buying upcycled, eco-friendly products that have a great story this mat is perfect for you. While you cannot choose a specific mat or colors (each mat is one-of-a-kind) you'll get a colorful random away of hues that always work together. Their randomness actually makes them a great choice for most decor.

New Rope

If you are sold on owning a Lobster Rope Doormat, but you'd rather have a say in the colors you get then you'll love our Wicked Good and ColorWave doormats handwoven in Maine from new lobster rope.

While they are not made from recycled rope you're still doing a great thing for the Earth by investing in quality materials that last, rather than cheaper products that need to tossed out and replaced often.

Both Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats and ColorWave Nautical Rope Doormats are super long-lasting and can withstand Mother Nature's toughest weather.

Their weave catches sand and dirt but does not trap it (say good-bye to grubby doormats filled with who-knows-what). Instead dirt passes right through the doormat.They will not get soggy. 

Bring on the rain - this fast-drying rope is ready for it.They are easy to clean - lift up and sweep away! If you need to hose one off, do it right at your door - simple.The color does not run so your surface is protected.

What is the difference between Wicked Good and ColorWave Lobster Rope Doormats?

The main difference is the feel of the rope. ColorWave doormats are made from polypropylene rope with a softer hand and more flexibility than Wicked Good Doormats.

ColorWave's rope has a slight sheen to it that is more brilliant in direct sunlight. ColorWave comes in 3 sizes: 18" x 30", 21" x 34", and 24" x 38".

Wicked Good Doormats are made from a more rigid, heavier-weight polypropylene and polyethylene rope. This rope is our toughest and strongest of all, resulting in a super rugged (but cute!) doormat. It comes in 2 sizes, 18" x 30" and 24" x 36".

Wicked Good Doormats usually have a matte finish in both shade and sunlight.

If you need a tough, long-lasting doormat, you can't go wrong with either Wicked Good or ColorWave.

The fact is, both last for years and are handwoven to have the highest quality available in a doormat. Select your doormat by the style that you love the most.

If you still have questions you can always reach out to us at and we will get right back to you!

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