The Best Washable Outdoor Doormats to Withstand The Wildest Weather

Written by: Karen Marsh


Outdoor doormats are one of the most underrated additions to household decor. They contribute so much to the state of our floors, yet people tend to overlook them. But, given that you're ready to learn about what doormats can withstand the wildest weather, you're already a believer in the home's first line of dirt defense.

Why Outdoor Doormats are Important

Doormats are far more than the friendly "welcome" signs most people use them for. If you were always wondering why your house had a mat at the front, back, or garage entrances, here are a few reasons:

They Keep Out Dirt and Debris

We collect dust, dirt, and other debris on our shoes' bottoms during our daily outings. Wiping your feet on the outdoor mat before entering your home helps keep unwanted "guests" outside where they belong. Your doormats work by trapping the debris in their fibers so you don't track them into the house.

They Protect Your Floors

If you have a pool or live on a boat, you know how much a wooden deck can take a beating from continuous foot traffic and water exposure. Outdoor doormats help protect your floors from the wear and tear constant human or pet traffic can cause. 

An outdoor doormat can help absorb the moisture and wipe mud from your feet before you or your pets enter the house, giving you less mopping to do on a rainy day. But outdoor doormats don't just protect wood; they protect concrete floors, hand-lain stones, and rubber tiles from chipping.

They Hide Chips, Cracks, and Other Damage

Accidents happen, and sometimes your entryway may bear the brunt of them. Outdoor durable doormats can help you hide those unsightly chipped tiles, wooden decks, or cracked concrete that can happen from time to time.

The Best Washable Outdoor Doormats for Extreme Weather

The lobster rope doormat from Wicked Good Doormats is one of the most durable washable doormats you can find, and because of its specially engineered material, it can stand up to any weather. 

The Materials of a Lobster Rope Mat

The lobster rope mat from Wicked Good Doormats  is made from woven polysteel (a polypropylene and polyethylene blend) nautical rope. This material takes a very long time (years) to become unusable, which is why they make such long-lasting mats.

Why Lobster Rope Mats Can Withstand Extreme Weather

Lobster rope is engineered to withstand water, salt, sun, ice and more. It's original purpose is to tether lobster traps together in the sea. So it has to be strong enough to handle rough seas and extreme weather conditions and hold their lobster traps.

They're UV-resistant

Wicked Good lobster rope doormats have been treated with extra UV protection to delay the aging process. Eventually all ropes will fade over time but ours age beautifully while retaining their strength.

Their Design

Artisans design lobster rope doormats by carefully weaving the heavy-duty polysteel ropes into a sturdy mat pattern. As a result, you get a durable doormat that can handle strong winds, rainy weather, snow, and hot summers.

They Can Handle Moisture

Lobster rope doormats are perfect for humid climates. They don't rot or fall apart in wet weather, thanks to their weatherproof materials. The polysteel material does not absorb water at all and is fast-drying, resisting the growth of mold, mildew and unpleasant odors. Moisture resistance is important in the harsh marine environment, so a lobster rope doormat is the ideal outdoor mat for you if you live near the ocean.

Why You Should Get a Lobster Rope Outdoor Doormat

The lobster rope doormat's design makes it a reliable, functional heavy-duty doormat. These washable doormats come in different designs and add a touch of coastal color to your home. But those aren't the only reasons to get them:

They Effectively Trap Dirt and Debris

The rigid grooves that the mat weavers create with their design pattern give this heavy-duty doormat the ideal texture you and your guests need when wiping their feet. The mat catches and releases mud and dust effectively with each wipe, so you're less likely to track these debris in your home.

They're Washable

Since we make these washable doormats from actual marine fishing ropes, they withstand water well enough to be washable. After a particularly muddy day, if it's raining heavily or your dog went digging in your garden, you can spray these washable doormats down with your garden hose, and it'll be good as new!

They're Great for Coastal Homes and More

Their saltwater and extreme weather resistance make them an excellent choice for people who live in coastal homes. If you're out in New Jersey, New England, or Florida by the water, you want an outdoor mat that can handle all that sun, sand, and salt spray.

Imagine living in a rainy area and often having guests coming over. The ropes effectively scrape off dirt and debris, keeping your home clean and mud-free.

Another example could be you just finished a construction project in your backyard and want to keep the dirt and debris from getting inside your house. You place a lobster rope doormat outside your back door, and as you and your workers step onto it, the ropes scrape off any dirt and debris from your shoes, helping to prevent them from being tracked inside.

Key Takeaways

Lobster rope doormats are washable (hose them down right at the door!), weather-resistant outdoor door mats that last for years. Their durable fibers are fast-drying and they're easy to clean. 

Need more tips on how to choose the best outdoor doormat for your home? Check out our complete doormat buying guide here

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