7 Coastal Decor Tips That Boost Curb Appeal

Written by: Karen Marsh


Here are 7 easy coastal decor tips to elevate your front door with seaworthy style:

Lobster Rope Doormats

The easiest coastal decor to bring charm and personality to your front door? Our colorful Lobster Rope Doormats

Not only do they come in a huge variety of colors that work with almost any door, their quality is so outstanding they will last for years.

Handwoven from the same sturdy fishing rope used to tether lobster traps to the buoys in the sea, these rope mats are the best outdoor mats for any weather. They can tackle the rain, heat, snow, and mud and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats, Outdoor Doormats, Coastal Decor Tips That Boost Curb Appeal

Colorful and cheery, Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats come in bright colors, like pops of nautical blues, sunny yellows, and energizing greens! Check out our Doormat Buying Guide to find the perfect doormat size for your front door.

Coastal Woven Baskets

You can add tons of visual interest to your front door by mixing and matching planters of different colors, sizes and textures. For pure coastal appeal, blend in our Lobster Rope Baskets which coordinate with our Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats. 

You will love how these super cute baskets work as outdoor planters, bringing the colors of the beach right to your doorstep.

Hampton Rope Wreath: Year-Round Coastal Decor

Choosing a wreath for your coastal home doesn’t always mean you have to go nautical. Look for natural toned materials like the Hampton Rope Wreath - handcrafted from burlap and manila roping. This coastal decor can withstand harsh weather and be dressed up with fun accessories that you can swap out every season, like the starfish/seagrass for summer and the winter starfish for Christmas.

Distressed Wooden Buoys

Handcrafted from solid wood and available in a variety of nautical colors, our Distressed Wooden Buoys are the perfect coastal decor for lending a seaside charm to your entrance.

Nautical Signal Flags: Fun Coastal Decor

The ocean is calling with these Nautical Signal Flags that let you spell out your favorite message, phrase, or your family name. Maritime signal flags are used by ships to communicate, so why not create your own special message?

Custom Welcome Sign

Adding a personalized touch to your front door is our Custom Lat & Long Nautical Sign. This coastal decor accessory brings a fun, beachy vibe that keeps your entrance friendly and inviting, plus you get to customize with the coordinates of your chosen location. Pair with your favorite Lobster Rope Doormat for a truly ocean-inspired front door statement.

Recycled Flip Flop Animals

Bring a pop of personality and color to your coastal door with our Recycled Flip-Flop Animals. Sustainably made from recycled flip-flops collected from beaches and waterways, these coastal decor accessories are lovely pieces of art that help keep our oceans and lands clean while truly capturing the colors of summer!

With these coastal decor tips, you can bring the relaxed vibe of the shore into your home all year round. Whether you're drawn to the classic nautical navy-and-white color scheme or prefer a more whimsical beachy look, there's something for everyone.

Get ready to transform your home into a beachy paradise with these easy coastal decor tips!

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