Lobster Rope Doormats: The Best Outdoor Mats for Your Home

Written by: Karen Marsh


Since 2009, our outdoor doormats have been beating out all others when it comes to beauty and function, plus they've got a great story...

If you're looking for the best outdoor mats for your home, look no further than Lobster Rope Doormats

What are Lobster Rope Doormats?

Maine is known for its lobster, and lobstering is a big part of the state's history and culture. It's no surprise that this area of the country has discovered the hardest-working and longest-lasting nautical rope around. 

To get the job done well (and not lose your daily catch) you need to depend on your fishing lines that tether your lobster traps to buoys in the sea.

That means that sun, salt, rain, ice and wind can't break down your fishing rope. It has to be weatherproof.

It's natural that ultra durable and long-lasting lobster rope has been repurposed into some of the most beautiful nautical rope outdoor mats around.

How Long Do Lobster Rope Doormats Last?

Because these outdoor mats use new (or recycled) lobster rope, they last for years and years. These Maine rope mats stand up to Mother Nature's harshest weather- these are outdoor rugs that can get rained on over and over again.

As outdoor mats that dry quickly, Lobster Rope Doormats will never grow mildew or mold that is tracked into your home from other mats.

Plus, each Lobster Rope Doormat is tightly handwoven on special looms and the ends or seared together creating a permanent bond.

That means your outdoor mat will not lose its shape or size, or begin to fall apart in bad weather.

Are Lobster Rope Doormats Made of Natural Rope?

Lobster Rope is synthetic rope to ensure it will last for years. 

Synthetic fibers are an ideal outdoor door mat material because they don't break down as easily as natural fibers.

Natural rope, or coir that is often used in an outdoor mat, will shed and break down over time. If left outside, a natural rope doormat can start to rot in just one season.

On the other hand, outdoor doormats made of synthetic rope, especially marine-grade materials, are built to withstand weather elements and last longer.

Does Lobster Rope Have An Odor?

Not even our Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats - the ones that have actually been in the sea - carry an odor. 

The fast-drying lobster rope resists the mildew and mold that grow on wet, soggy outdoor doormats and cause odors.

Are all Lobster Rope Doormats Recycled?

For those who love to recycle and upcycle, we've got a line of gorgeous Recycled Lobster Rope Outdoor Mats that use both rope that has tethered traps in the sea, and leftover scrap rope.

Some people prefer a new rope mat, and for them we've got our flagship Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormats.

How thick is Lobster Rope?

Lobster Rope is 1" - 1.25" thick so when planning for your outdoor mat, be sure to leave enough clearance for your door. 

The thickness of our Lobster Rope Doormats give it a nice, substantial and full look at your door.

How Do You Clean a Lobster Rope Doormat?

The weave on these Lobster Rope Doormats allows dirt and debris to pass through them. Simply lift and sweep away. 

Other outdoor mats tend to trap dirt, resulting in the mat getting heavy and dingy with time. Because these are outdoor door mats that dry quickly, we recommend you can do additional cleaning just by hosing this nautical rope doormat down right at your door.

Should I worry about my outdoor mat blowing away?

Not if you own a Lobster Rope Doormat. These heavy duty outdoor mats weigh 7-10 lbs each and stay in place on non-skid surfaces. For slippery surfaces, anchor with a natural rubber non-skid pad that is also mold resistant.

What colors do Lobster Rope Doormats come in?

We carry everything from classic navy to bright teal. We also have many earth tones - brown, sand, cream - for those who want a more conservative outdoor mat. In all, we feature over 40 different Lobster Rope Doormat color options.

What size of outdoor mat should I get?

Front doors are generally 36" wide, so a Lobster Rope Doormat that is roughly 33" - 36" will create a nice presentation.

An 18" x 30" front door mat size works really well for back or single doors. They are also very popular as a layering mat - a recent trend in outdoor decor that is gaining steam where you place a smaller doormat on top of a larger bottom outdoor rug.

Are Lobster Rope Outdoor Mats Only for Coastal Areas?

Actually we ship tons of Lobster Rope Doormats all over the country. 

They were made for coastal areas that experience lots of humidity, but their long-lasting properties are appreciated in any geographic region that deals with lots of snow and ice. 

Our wide variety of colors makes it possible for everyone to find an outdoor mat perfect for their home.

Does Lobster Rope Transfer Color?

Lobster rope never bleeds or transfers its color to surfaces. Designed to retain their color even if they get wet all the time, these are the best outdoor mats that won’t stain.

Does Lobster Rope Shed?

No, lobster rope is synthetic and does not shed and rot like natural rope doormats. So, if you are looking for the best outdoor mat, we've got you covered. But don't just take our word for it:

"The quality is topnotch. The sizes fit the door perfectly. The delivery was quick." - Joani O.

"Durable and good looking. If it gets muddy just rinse it off. A true New England classic- looks fantastic!" - Stacey C.

"Love my doormat. Love the colors. Love the quality. Love how quickly it arrived. Worth the $. This mat will last forever. Highly recommend." - Beth H.

"We are very impressed with the two doormats that we ordered a few weeks ago. Beautiful colors and very rugged. They will last a long, long time." - Bill M.

Bonus: If you're looking for more outdoor doormat inspiration, here's how you can find the perfect all-weather welcome mat for your front door.

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