Front Door Decor: Boost Your Curb Appeal With 4 Easy Tips

Written by: Karen Marsh


Curb appeal begins at your front door. Color, style and accessories all play an important role in the impression your front door makes.

Check out these 4 front door decor tips on how to use your outdoor door mat to enhance and elevate your home's entrance.

1. A strategically selected outdoor door mat will make your front door stand out in the neighborhood

Your doormat can easily brighten up or tone down your front door. For example, an already colorful entrance, like this bright salmon door, works best with an outdoor mat that has neutral tones, like this Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormat in Light & Dark Tan Double Weave.

If you have a darker door color, select a bright & colorful doormat that stand out, like this Beachy Vibes Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormat.

Choosing a front door mat with a color that echoes your door paint is easy on the eye - it also strikes the perfect balance between your outdoor mat and the rest of your entrance.

The dark tan in this Lobster Rope Doormat blends beautifully with the classic brown front door, giving the entrance a warm and cohesive look.

Add more visual appeal by creating contrast - this nautical rope doormat in teal, navy and seafoam stands out against the charming coral front door, making a coastal chic statement.

2. Create a balanced space with the right outdoor door mat size for your door

Be sure to select the right doormat size for your front door. Your outdoor doormat should be the same width as your door or slightly less.

We recommend an 18”x30” front door mat for a single door or a 24”x36” mat for front doors with sidelights.

Draw each doormat size in chalk before purchasing your outdoor mat so you can visually check the scale and balance of each size against your door.

3. Always use door accessories to grab attention

Just a few nicely arranged coastal decor accessories will transform your front door from basic to beautiful. If you have the room, try planters on each side of the door.

Opt for ones that are tall enough to create vertical interest - a good rule of thumb is 40% of the door height.

Mix and match interesting smaller planters around them like these Lobster Rope Baskets that brighten up to your front porch.  

Consider faux greenery for your planters that is super easy to maintain. Pair some gorgeous lanterns with your planters using battery-powered pillar candles for a soft glow.

Add a wreath or hanging basket to your front door that can be updated easily with seasonal colors. Or try an all-season wreath that works all year long, like our Hampton Wreath.

4. Add a personal touch

Consider adding front door decor that tells the world a bit about your personal style. A custom welcome sign, such as this latitude longitude bicycle wood sign, adds instant charm.

Bonus tip!

Always use a rug pad to keep your front door mat from slipping if you have a slippery surface. Our non-skid doormat rug pad holds doormats firmly in place, including surfaces like ceramic tile, hardwood floor, or composite decking.

Give your front door a fresh vibe with these door decor tips. Start elevating your front entry by finding the perfect welcome mat for your door.

Bonus: Find your ideal outdoor doormat style here.

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